Family Held Hostage By Their Own Cat

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lockard 23, Mar 11, 2014.

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    lol Bunch of pansies.
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  2. Cats can be vicious when they want to be... especially when an undisciplined child pulls their tail, and then the owner admits to kicking the cat! WTF did they expect to happen? lol
  3. Lol cats can be dangerous but fuck that shit. I would've grabbed something and beat the shit outta that mother fucker. I have had to kick my dogs asses when they were fighing and they're huge...I am not being held hostage by a cat. Unless it's a lion, tiger, or bear oh my!
  4. If I can handle my 20 pound cat at the vet, these people were being babies. lol I got scars from that day... Hope to never have to take him back.
  5. They should have pounded that pussy.
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  6. That cat a maine coon?
  7. No he's a caliby (calico tabby mix) and man oh man is he bullheaded. Actually clawed into a nerve on my finger before... That hurts so damn bad. My whole arm hurt for a week. And all because I wanted him to get off the table. hahah
  8. I don't get it... Why not just put a box over him till he calms down? Boxes save lives you know.
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  9. Isn't he a bit big then? The standard weight for a cat that's not a maine coon is around 8-10 lbs, 12 max. Figured he sounded a bit big
  10. He is like 4 pounds heavier than he should be. He has food allergies so eating anything with corn, potatoes, ect makes him get fat. He should be about 14 pounds. He is just a really long cat. The other cat, which is part maine coon is about 23 pounds lolol
  11. my cat would fuck that pussy up
  12. I read the title of this thread and I thought it was just gonna be some Youtube video with Brit roleplaying with a cat............

    I imagine this 22 pound cat has the physique of Gerard Butler.
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