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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kassius HoHo, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. What I meant by family tradition is you enjoyment of Wrestling whether it's WWE, TNA, ROH, PWG or even NJPW did it come from you watching the tube one day or is this something that you saw together with your Mother or Father even Grandparent and haven't stopped watching since? In my situation both my Parents watched Wrestling before I was even born, I always love saying my Mother was watching Hogan hulk up on Tv and my brother and I as babies in the Living Room one of us crying their eyes out, the other silent wondering what is that on Tv.When it comes to my Mother's all time favorite Wrestlers she goes nuts for Jimmy Snuka and Rikishi apparently she loves Samoans.I think I get my obsession with Wrestling from her but when it comes to my Dad his history involving Wrestling goes deeper.You see he had a cousin of his who was a Wrestler named Miguel Feliciano and last time I checked his match with Ivan Koloff is still on Youtube.

    His cousin would take plenty of his family members to shows and even meet Wrestlers.I nearly fainted when my Father told me I've met the Iron Shielk, I said the only WWF Champion..the man who made Hulk Hogan? Various stories of his Cousin and himself riding with family and Wrestlers to shows over the years.When it comes to favorite Wrestlers of my Father Bruno Sammartino, plenty of people got behind Bruno especially Hispanics who can pass for a Puerto Rican we come in different shades lol.Also another guy my Father was nuts for was Chief Jay Strongbow with my Parents having Native American ties going back to their Grandparents, it's always great to see a Wrestler who represents you in a positive way.When it came to me growing up and the attitude era coming my Parents didn't really censor any of the vulgar things from me, now if I asked a question they would answer it but those were great times during the attitude era.We never missed a PPV but with big names with the Rock, Stone Cold out of the business after 04 my Parents kept away from Wrestling and now it's just me as the lone ranger for my family.Once in awhile my Father and I will watch TNA together or even this past year we went into a Indy show where we know the promoter named FWF and at that time I've met Greg Valentine and X-Pac which was awesome.Also this past year going to a TNA House Show five minutes away from where I liv meeting ladies like Gail Kim and ODB and being with my brother, Father and I enjoying some Wrestling that's the most important things in life.You might be mad at them, hate them but they love you matter what and enjoy those times with them it might be gone just like that.So with this long..long post sorry if it is, is Wrestling something your whole family was into, or did you get into Wrestling and brought the whole family in?
  2. My great grandpa, dad and uncle watched it. If I'm ever visiting my hometown, and the show is one I'll watch it with either one of them. My dad though, is the only one who watches TNA with me. We all have our different favorites at time, my uncle doesn't like Daniel Bryan, I do. Some people like Fandango I enjoy to see, and my dad doesnt, but we still watch it. Pretty fun to watch it beside someone else honestly.
  3. No, I'm the first one to watch it in my family.
  4. My dad watched it and it kind of snowballed from there, plus I was a kid during the AE so it was the popular thing to do.
  5. My Dad and Uncle used to watch in the WWWF days. Uncle and Cousin watched till like two years ago. I remember my dad telling me how he watched classic NWA matches and segments. He's not a fan of the modern-day wrestling.
  6. Sames I got into it through a mate at school and sneaking his to watch PPV's with him an his dad then sneak home lol.
  7. No one in my a family enjoys wrestling, they're actually decent people.
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  8. Brother started watching WWF in the mid 90s, I started watching two months or so later.
  9. My uncle used to live right next door to me, he would always be watching it when I came over so I started to watch it with him and I really enjoyed it.
  10. My oldest brother watched it here and there in the 80's but then my other brother go into it in the early 90's and it became something me, him and my dad did together. He got the PPV's for us. As we got older, my brother started watching them over a friends house so I only was able to watch Raw. After Bret left WWF, I pretty much stopped watching shortly after. I started watching again in 2009. Yes - I missed the whole attitude era but the Network will help me make up for that. lol
  11. Grew up watching WCW with my Pops and eventually we converted to WWF around late 98 or 99.
  12. Picked a good time to move I suppose. You missed most of Bret Hart though.. :downer:
  13. I've seen all of 1997 retrospectively, and it is safe to assume that was Bret's best work by a mile with that character.
  14. I enjoyed him through the 90's entirely. He is still my favorite wrestler because his whole gimmick was just being a wrestler. He didn't have some fancy thing going on. I think that is why I like Daniel Bryan so much... He is just a wrestler and doesn't need anything outside of that to be over.
  15. You like your wrestling as dull as possible, huh?
  16. No not wrestling just the gimmick. I don't like when they over feed into a character only to have lack of actual wrestling skill in the ring.
  17. I don't think one has to equate to the other. I prefer a talented in ring performer to have an entertaining gimmick, like Bret in 97 with his anti-USA fans schtick.
  18. I either like a wrestler for his character or his ability in ring, rarely for both. I know that sounds weird but... An example would be Ryback. I find him absolutely hilarious but in ring, I don't need to watch him. Dolph Ziggler, I like for both. Daniel Bryan I like for both. Bret Hart I like for both. Christ Jericho I like for both. That is probably why they are my favorite. John Cena is another example. I love him on the mic but in the ring he is just okay. He is a great wrestler, don't get me wrong, but the way he wrestlers is bland. Rey on the other hand I love in ring, but hate on the mic.
  19. You love Rey in the ring in 2014? I find him to be the absolute worst thing going in a WWE ring at this stage in his career.
  20. My entire family despises wrestling. Only match I've seen with a family member was Punk/Lesnar from this year, she walked in during the video package and was interested in the underdog concept.
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