Fan asked to remove Hogan gear

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. The man in the Hulk Hogan outfit at Bound For Glory is named George Antoun. George is from Australia and was the subject of a mini-documentary on Hogan and his fandom. A TNA employee approached George during the pay-per-view and said the producers didn’t like that he was all over the TV. They told him to please take the Hogan gear off and that they would give him a Hernandez t-shirt to wear instead. George was already upset they confiscated his Hogan sign so he told them no. TNA staffers pleaded with him to change the gear but he refused and eventually they gave up on asking him.

    Source: Pwmania

    :hmm: This is an odd story. I saw many people with Hulk Hogan clothing, and even selling Hulkamania belts. I have to call bullshit on this story.
  2. Yeah I don't buy it either.
  3. There were like 3 dudes in full Hulkamania armor in the front row. I call BS.
  4. Is this for real? I would expect this off WWE but not TNA seriously TNA are lowering themselves to WWE rules this is pathetic
  5. If they were asking, it's because they fear getting sued for displaying a WWE intellectual property all over their show. I don't think they would get sued, there's no legal basis since it's just some fans cosplaying.
  6. lmao @ offering him a hernandez shirt. himm wonder why he wouldn't go for it. Should have given him a Roode or Aries shirt and he would have been down
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  7. A refund, free backstage pass and an AJ Styles shirt. That's more like it.
  8. TNA can't afford to be handing out refunds
  9. That's true but it if in any way they were worried about being sued, this would be a cheaper solution.
  10. how the fuck could they get sued for what a fan is wearing? That is retarded to think it is even a possibility
  11. Pretty much what some others posted -- smells like BS to me. There were plenty of people in Hogan gear. Makes no sense why they'd ask one to remove his gear and not the others, since obviously they were on TV, as well.
  12. Exactly this. It is either a long running hilarious deal, or it's the same dude almost every ppv rocking it. I know there were some regulars in the Impact Zone rocking the Hoke Ogan gear.

    Just because they asked them to remove the Hogan gear doesnt mean they enforced it. It's probably just a jeritroll.
  13. I was referring to a post above me who suggested it.
  14. If its bs, MexiShit? I mean come on. Why not Styles? Everyone loves him and he was in the main event.
  15. Farooq asked him to take it off so he could put it on. Nice try buddy, buy your own Hogan gear!
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  16. Ya just jealous because I didn't get ya a Mr. Perfect shirt brother! :hogan:
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  17. :okay:
  18. Piece of shit reporting, getta fuck outta here.
  19. **spits** I fuck this report into camel clutch until it makes humble
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