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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Neptune, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. What fanbase of a well-loved movie, TV show, or video game has been treated the worst?

    I would say Star Trek fans. I mean most people consider them the "uncool" fans of Star Wars, even though huge Star Wars fans are not exactly "cool" to begin with.
  2. Umm, wrestling fans come to mind. lol
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Oh and Pokemon fans who are 16+. People tend to be mean about that.. :okay:
  5. ^ I'm still hiding it from my friends that I watch wrestling. They be like "You still watch that shit?" (thankfully, I ain't been asked that in a long time) and I'm like "Nah, I stopped watching it back in 2010." lol
  6. It is funny cause people assume ALL wrestling fans are either kids or hicks. There are plenty of athletes and celebrities who like it as well.
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  7. Yeah, but some shitheads don't understand that.
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  8. I'm pretty lucky, my boyfriend and most of my close friends are into wrestling.
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  9. Juggalos are the worst
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  10. Juggalos deserve it tho. Also so do Hopsin fanboys cuz fuck them. Although I think it has gone down in recent years, some people that love comics get made fun of
  11. That's nice to hear!
  12. COD players, they're always called immature and it's not fair.
  13. :gtfo:
  14. Mainly when it comes to music, that's where the majority is the worst. The worst gaming fanbase is probably LoL, or Fallout's. At least LoL's has dwindled though.
  15. I think WoW should make this list as well.
  16. COD rules! :bodallas:
  17. you can :gtfo: too!
  18. :okay:
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  19. Wrestling fans are by far the fanbase that gets made fun of the most. I'm too cool to be bothered by it myself, but people, especially those here in the States, seem to respect pro wrestling far less than they do any other form of entertainment, and folks have a propensity to treat you almost like you're an idiot when they find out you're a fan of it. "Hurr, you know that stuff is all fake, right?"
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  20. I wouldn't have agreed a few years ago but since it is cool to be a "nerd" right now, people who like comics, anime, star wars, ect are all safe because the posers who pretend to like it or pretend to be die hard fans made it okay. I got made fun of when I was into anime and playing video games like 5 years ago but now it is perfectly fine by social standards. What a load of garbage.
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