Fan Made Amazing Sign For Tonight's Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. During Monday night's episode of Raw, keep an eye on the crowd in Anaheim and try to spot this phenomenal double-sided Cesaro sign. Reddit user EIT_Turtle shared a GIF of his sign in action, and it's glorious.

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  2. i dont get how on one made a chris benoit sign yet
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  3. That is so cool. :cesaro2:
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  4. This is still the GOAT sign, though. :lol1:
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  5. they wouldn't be allowed into the arena.
  6. I want it....I WANT IT NOW!
  7. just get a blank sign and some markers and put his name there
  8. Because that'd be so funny and so ballsy!
  9. Chris Benoit murdered his family. That's why.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Your point is?
  12. well some people may not believe what happened what happened
  13. All evidence points to him murdering his family and himself. Those people have very little, to no evidence, at all, to prove their claims.
  14. I believe you have answered your own question..
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  15. Chris had brain damage and didn't realize he did what he did but when he did but after he came to, he killed himself because he realized he murdered the people he loved most.
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  16. That is pure speculation. I do think, that's what happened. But we will never know.
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  17. Liberal American media, who is responsible for the Benoit family deaths?

    Liberal media: "Donald Trump"
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  18. He's been dead for 9 year's.. The fan would look stupid if he made a Benoit sign.

  19. Yes! Felicia is the absolute best.
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  20. I died laughing when I saw it.
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