Fan runs in during 9/24/2012 Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 25, 2012.

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  2. Should of let Ryback destory his ass.
  3. Would've loved to seen Ryback clothesthline him.
  4. Don't get why they don't just let them stay in the ring and get publicly embarrassed by getting thrown around by the wrestlers.
  5. What a douche
  6. "Look mom! No brain!"
  7. :lol1:

    There might be a liability issue if they did. :otunga:

  8. So, I went to check the comments, and what's the first thing I see?

    "That "fan" is apparently Dean Ambrose"

    Like hell it was.
  9. ^whatever dirt sheet saying that needs to close down.

    Had it been Ambrose they would have gone through with it. This was some douchebag fan thinking "I can do this, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYY JENKINS!"
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  10. Otunga will protect WWE from any inevitable law suits dw. Would love to see Ryback just playing around with the wannabe.

  11. Would've been awesome if Ryback tackled him down or something. :gusta:
  12. Wow I never knew Ambrose was a fat chino wanker.
  13. Zach Gowen was a fan that became famous.

    Santino Marella is another example..

    i think its time to plant another wrestler in the fans and make a story of it........
    but he should be a good wrestler ...someone like kurt angle..
  14. Lol he thought he was gonna debut
  15. It may be dangerous for the wrestlers, you never know, the guy may have a knife or something. Probably just a Miz mark who didn't want him to job to Ryback :haha:
  16. I lol'd at this for some reason :dawg:
  17. match

    during one of the matches i noticed that a fan got into the ring
  18. Some fan tryed attacking Ryback lol

    Some fan on Raw tryed attacking Ryback from jumping the rail and getting in the ring and the fan got stopped by those guards lol I thought that was so funny

    So last week on Raw a fan in the crowd got hold of the mic and shouted Goldberg at Ryback

    This week a fan jumped the rail and got in the ring and tryed attacking Ryback

    What will happen next week on Raw???

    Ryback sure isnt liked by the WWE universe
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  19. Some fan tryed attacking Ryback lol

  20. match

    If you look closely.... You'll see ropes too!
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