News Fan Starts Petition To Remove Donald Trump From The WWE Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 12, 2015.

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  1. Donald Trump took a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Automatically making him the coolest presidential candidate running.
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  2. Just silly.

    I wasn't even for removing Hulk Hogan from the Hall of Fame, I sure as hell don't support them removing Trump. Then again, there wouldn't even be a "Celebrity Wing" in the Hall Of Fame in the first place if I had any say in it.
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  3. Come on Hulk Hogan barely did anything
    I watched Vince McMahon say nigga in front of Booker T on TV
    I watched the million dollar man have a black butler
    I watched WWE match three black mid cards with no history together to make the new day and two other black new starters to create the Prime time players, oh oh oh and match the two put Puerto Rican of course and give them a Bull fighter gimmick, there you go Puerto Rican fan base. But does it stop there am I losing my fucking mind, there is not one current tag team WWE didnt just mash together because they are the same race. Fuck sake even divas, mash the three kind of dark characters and label it Team Bad. What the fuck is WWE thinking, what fuck are they saying, I thought they supported diversity yet the only mixed raced tag team is the Dudleyz and Team Bella (if you can call it that)
    So WWE go fuck yourself for not supporting Hulk Hogan, you have never changed and never will.
    P.S Rosey for Hall of Fame
  5. lol WWE HoF who cares
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  6. lmao, exactly ^^
  7. Who cares. These fans are fucking dumb
  8. Agree with others HOF is a joke, plus if your going to go that way then surely Mike Tysons misdemeanour's will Trump(see what I did there) :dealwithit: Donalds one.
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  9. Honestly, I think it's cool.
  10. lol wtf? You find the most vague things and call them racist because theres more than 1 black person involved?

    Kofi and Big E had been tag teaming for a few months before Xavier Woods cut his promo. Also, all 3 of them are friends backstage. Just like how DX got started. Besides, It wasn't the WWE who proposed the idea, it was Xavier and Big E.

    Also, the reason Young and Titus were banded together because they started having a similar gimmick. In NXT, Titus and Young had a feud and when Titus turned heel, he was doing the same stuff. Also, they were teamed in a broader feud between many NXT rookies. They just got popular and moved up to main roster.

    What you said about Team BAD is the most retarded thing ever. The only black women apart of the team is Naomi. Tamina is Fijian/Samoan. Sasha Banks is hispanic. It's quite obvious why they were teamed together, and that's because they play off eachothers gimmick really well. Plus, you want to see a mixed race tag team, but you're oblivious to this one?

    Another thing, if you're going to have a bull fighter gimmick, are you going to chose two black men, two white men or hispanic men? That's the only way the gimmick would make any sense.

    p.s: Virgil beat the shit out of Dibiase at the end of their angle.
  11. I'm not even gonna comment, that's stupid
  12. yes goyim, ban anti-establishment Trump from the U.K, take him out of the WWE HOF *rubs hands*
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  13. Since who is in the Hall is simply the whim of Vince McMahon, I am sure he'll remove his friend Donald Trump from the Hall because of fans starting a petition.

    Vince has such a history choosing what fans want over his favorites, of course.
  14. I can't remember a time Vince didn't listen to the fans. I mean, he's a giving man and apart of that is being a open-minded individual. Which he is, of course.
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