Fan suing WWE for bad seating.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Here's what he posted:

    Here's a pic:


    Lol inb4 he fails completely.
  2. He won't win, it'll be some term that the WWE isn't responsible for any obstructions or some shit.
  3. I'd be pretty annoyed myself to be honest though. But yeah, I doubt he's going to win. He might get a refund perhaps if WWE are nice or free tickets to other live events.
  4. I can see them giving him something to just keep it out of court, the last thing they want is to mess about with that. You're probably right with a refund.
  5. Wow talk about being unlucky. No doubt WWE has covered it though as they usually have warnings in small print about seats with restricted views on the back of tickets. I know they do in this country for certain events just to cover there backs.
  6. It's quite funny though, I and a couple other users mentioned those pillars blocking someone. Quite coincidental it turns out to be an IWC member and a mad one :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  7. I'm suing Xanth. He ate my chair!
  8. Is this a joke lol he is mad because he bought a seat not wwe fault its behind a big palm tree if i was wwe id say umadbro
  9. He'd most likely not get anything but a finger up his ass.
  10. Maybe he will get lucky and get to join vinces kiss my ass club
  11. Lol'd at this post. The fan would be so pissed, lol.
  12. When I was watching online I kept thinking about how much it would suck to pay a lot of money for seats and be behind one of those
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