News Fan Tattoos Vince McMahon on Their Butt

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  1. As noted in our Dinner with The King Podcast recap, Jerry Lawler revealed that a fan showed him a tattoo recently of Vince McMahon. What’s most interesting is the tattoo is on the fella’s a$$.

    “[The fan] says, ‘I have Vince McMahon tattooed on my a$$’,” Lawler said. “I go, ‘Well, show me!’ This guy is in line in front of a bunch of people and he drops his pants. And right there on this guy’s left cheek of his butt is a big tattoo of Vince McMahon. So I texted the picture to Vince, and the response I got from Vince was, ‘OMG.'”

    Lawler revealed the photo on Twitter, which you can see below:

    Here's the tattoo of Vince McMahon on a fan's behind we talk about on the show this week!

    — Jerry Lawler (@JerryLawler) September 6, 2017

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  2. WOW! That is surprising..... Someone who actually likes Vince? Kuddos to that bravery
  3. Vince should join the KMA club so he can go french himself.
  4. I'm sure Vince would prefer fans getting
    Roman Reigns tattooed on their butts...

    Anything to make Roman look strong...
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  5. This can't be real.

    This can't be serious....

    If this is real, I'm laughing. Wow.

    And it's ironic, too... Considering the kiss my a$$ club...