Fan thrown out because of sign

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  1. I have not seen anything about this so apologies if already posted.

    At Monday's RAW from Greenville, South Carolina, a fan reportedly held up a "RAW Is Generico" sign and was moved by security, taken from his paid seat to the opposite side of the arena and a seat filler took his seat at ringside. The fan asked security why he was being moved and was told the people running the show didn't want him sitting there because of his sign.

    The fan reportedly asked if they could just take the sign and let him sit at ringside but was told by a security guard that he was about to be kicked out because the people running the show, presumably WWE officials, didn't want him there. Another guard told the fan that wasn't correct, they just didn't want him in front of the camera. Apparently another man who was sitting with the fan also had his seats changed after he was seen holding up a sign related to Ring of Honor.

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    wwe :facepalm1:
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  2. So pathetic.
  3. Fucking stupid.
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  5. That should have taking the sign and be done with it. Someone who paid hard earn for front seat should be moved to another seat!
  6. No need to throw the guy out, just take his sign.
  7. What harm does it do, seriously? They even have Generico contracted ffs so it's not even promoting a none WWE entity. He should have been able to keep the sign...
  8. Will they kick out someone if they're wearing TNA or ROH merchandise as well? How ridiculous. I remember back in the day when people would hold up signs related to WCW and ECW and wore their merchandise as well. What do they care if they're sporting signs or gear related to companies that aren't even as big as WWE anyway?
  9. This isn't even another company's wrestler anymore, this is one of their own. That's bullshit to kick the guy out for that reason, he did nothing wrong but express his thought about a wrestler in developmental and combine him with the current show he was attending.
  10. Wasn't this fan from Australia as well? I read his editorial he sent in to various sites and he had been in America since bloody Lockdown! He had gone to every wrestling event since then worth the name. Obviously he is pretty well off financially. Well done WWE spitting in such a dedicated fans face.
  11. Could the fact that Generico reached out to the fan come back to bite him from management?
  12. Unsure. If they see that Generico is this popular that someone would showup on Raw with a sign mentioning him, obviously they see some use in Generico, and I doubt they will do anything to bad. They may give him a slap on the wrist though.
  13. Apparently these two guys have now gotten their twitter accounts suspended as well. Did WWE play a part in that you think?
  14. Can't support a company that does this.
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  15. My solution. I'm gonna keep watching WWE online. Not pouring any money into them until we see some real changes. Other companies can use my money better. Like these guys:


    Hopefully changes will come in WWE's attitude with Triple H taking over if the rumors of him being more old school is true. Until then...

    Hey Dragon Gate USA:
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  16. Sounds really pathetic if you ask me, just take his sign away if it's that bad! But i still couldn't understand why they'd even do it in the first place :sad:
  17. Complete joke wish WWE fans had balls and they got loads of obscure chants and signs going at events in the next few weeks. Hats off to Generico though trying to find out what happened.
  18. Yeah @shabang i think they did start their american trip with the Lockdown show.

    This whole thing just goes to show that the bigger a company get the less they care about their fans. The current product has been dire but i thought i stick with it hoping it would get better but its not and to treat their own fans like this who pay their wages is a disgrace. Fuck this company.
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  19. DIsgusting, that is all.
  20. How can WWE justify getting their Twitter accounts suspended just because they got thrown out for a sign?