Fan vs Pro Wrestlers


so apparently wwe superstars are having feuds with particular fans and this week it happened with Maria Bennett a fan
as of late the pro wrestling fans have been starting drama and stalking wrestlers even wwe's sash banks and taken thoughts to it

Sasha Banks- “I grew up a wrestling fan, so I knew that I wanted to meet all my favorite wrestlers. But always in the back of my head I never thought in my life to be like, ‘Hey, they’re gonna fly in. Maybe I should wait at the airport for like 12 hours at a gate. Hey! They don’t want any sleep. Maybe I’ll go find their hotel they’re staying at and let me bother them.’

Like to me, that’s stalking. I don’t tweet out what hotel I’m at. I don’t tweet out what airline I’m flying. I do tweet you what arena I’ll be performing at, so I do expect fans at the arena, and I’m so happy to sign at the arena, that’s fine because I’m telling you where I’m going to be at. If I see you in public, that’s fine.

But when I’m at an airport at 4 in the morning and I see somebody with a carry-on and they open it with a hundred items of everyone and they’re bothering everybody to get an autograph, and I see it on eBay - that’s not okay to me.”

If you follow Sasha online, you know she has no problem addressing some of the creepier behavior which famous people are frequently the target of - including at airports. Later in the chat with Sam, she tells a story of flying home a day early due to injury and being met at the terminal by fans who got airline employees to tip them off about when she would be there.

Her stance is also similar to the issues raised when Randy Orton had an issue with a fan at a gym last year. While there may be some exceptions, wrestlers generally expect to spend time with the public when they’re working and not on their downtime.

what are your thoughts on fans vs Pro wrestlers
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