Fandango - How far will this gimmick take him?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Mar 20, 2013.

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    You gotta let the A's breathe.

    Fandango has been on the show for a couple of weeks now, constantly postponing his in ring debut. He is going to wrestle sooner or later, Wrestlemania seeming very likely since he is getting into a feud with Jericho. How are you liking Fandango's booking so far?

    personally, I am liking it big time. This has been a smart way of getting the guy out there during mania season without him taking up too much space but also avoiding losing him in the shuffle. They are also helping him build heat with the crowd since he is denying them the chance to see him wrestle. They did the same thing with Sandow when he debuted and Dolph's also touched upon it in his thread on how women wrestlers should be used. By denying the fans something they will get mad.

    I am also liking the way his entire character is presented. Fandango is supposed to be a former professional dancer who is full of himself and vain to a T. A lot of people would probably clank down on him but look at the way Curtis presents himself as the character. He carries himself like he is a star. Just like Jericho did in his debut back in 99. Jericho spend a lot of his early WWE run just building himself up on the mic as the cocky little heel he was and Curtis is doing the same thing. He is carrying himself like he matters and hyping himself up. He has mid card star power with this gimmick. (at least in my opinion)

    But how far will it take him?

    Curtis is solid in the ring and solid on the stick, I think the accent will become less pronounced with time allowing him to get freed up a bit on the mic. As Fandango I see him as a solid mid card - upper mid card guy, holding the IC and US title multiple times. He will be a staple heel of the mid card and fill a sort of Val Venis/Goldust role with his vanity (from Goldust) and sex appeal (from Venis). If he transcends to another gimmick or goes through a major overhaul down the line he could maybe even be an upper midcarder or possible main event gate keeper down the road but that is a big if.

    Do you like the way Fandango has been handled?

    How far do you see him go with the gimmick?

    How far could you see him go without the gimmick?

  2. I don't like the way Fandango is "becoming" heel, there are much better ideas than those ones.

    With the gimmick... I see him with that like a month more or less

    Without the gimmick I see him wining the IC or US title soon, maybe he beats Cesaro
  3. I rolled my eyes when I saw the vignettes, but have changed my mind since his 'debut.' I'm loving him holding off his debut just because people can't pronounce his name right. Heels who think they're the shit even though everyone else sees them for the jackass they are are often my favorite. I don't see this gimmick taking him to the main event though, but not everyone gets to be a main eventer anyway so that's not always most important. It'll make him a fine upper-midcard heel and he could be a worthy IC or US Champion.

    As far as being vane, he most reminds me of "The Model" Rick Martel, who was also a fine midcard heel (who should have won the IC Title least once.) They even sound somewhat similar at times.
  4. I've hardly seen enough of him to judge, but first impressions say not very far. I can see it going the same way the Funkasaurus gimmick has.
  5. As far as the top of the queue for the Wrestlemania lay-off season.

    Yeah, I don't think it'll go far, but I think he plays it well.
  6. This.

    I do really like the gimmick though, not exactly sure why but I think it could work.
  7. It's an alright gimmick and he plays it well, I'm liking it, Upper Midcarder sounds likely.
  8. It bugs the shit out of me, so he's doing something right.

    I think i'll wait for his first match and to see how he's booked to judge him though.
  9. Loved him since the first vignette.

    It's odd to have a gimmick like this in WWE.
    But I think they will take this more serious than Brodus' dancing stuff.

    Like said above, upper mid-card it'll be for him when looking at it right now.
    The dude can work well, and the character he plays is cool and he plays it great.

    I hope to see him a lot. Curious about this ''new face''.
  10. Also I'm pretty sure Vince is high on Curtis/this gimmick so there's another thing to make him go far.
  11. They are ruining it with the "delayed" debut of his, I don't think people are that patient to wait for him to finally make his debut, I think many of them don't even care.
  12. You are missing the point of the delayed debut. It's done to build heat intentionally. People will boo him since he denies them something, they might not initially want it. But once he shows up, hypes a match and then suddenly pulls out people get mad. It has been done before and worked, Jericho and Sandow are prime examples.
  13. Well maybe you are right, but I really don't think that people care all that much, they are probably using the Fandango segments to have their bathroom break.

    BTW what happened to Sandow? lol
  14. I get it completely, but it seems most people (including myself) just don't care. I couldn't care less if the whole locker room beat the shit out of him. I'd still consider changing the channel. This character doesn't stir up any emotions other than indifference. When Jericho trolled during his last comeback I was practically yelling at my TV for him to say something. When Fandango trolls, I yawn.
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  15. Curtis plays the gimmick well, but it won't take him very far.
  16. Sandow is doing just well. He's booked as strong as a mid card heel can be in the WWE. He never looks like a loser when losing. He's on almost every show and is over.
  17. they are making him job so much though, I agree that even when he jobs he does look strong, but in order to build a credible future superstar, you need to give him wins every once in a while.
  18. It's mania season. Neither of the young bucks are going to be booked strong during mania season with the seasoned card taking center stage.
  19. He is going nowhere with this shithead gimmick.
  20. Sandow did the same thing, and we all got excited to see him.
    Jericho did the same thing, and got us all talking.
    Curtis does this, and nobody gives a fuck
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