Fandango Is The New Honky Tonk Man

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  1. This might seem obvious, but does anyone see the way Fandango being booked in the future as being to the way Honky Tonk Man was booked back in the 80's?

    No one took HTM that serious because he was an Elvis Impersonator, and thus one of those guys that you just knew that when they stepped into the ring, their opponents would rip them apart. But somehow he almost always managed to slip away with the victory. That was the brilliance of his record Intercontinental Title reign. He went up against guys (Randy Savage being his biggest opponent on the house show circuit in 1987) that you knew he couldn't beat, but always came away still the reigning IC Champion anyway.

    Paul Roma came out a few months ago and said he saw CM Punk in a similar way, because he didn't really have the traditional look of a superstar or a guy who looks like he could kick anyone's ass, he looks like a guy who smokes too many cigarettes and who works at a tattoo palace. Fandango's character can work in a similar manner. He's an arrogant dancer, gets upset because of the apparent importance that someone should pronounce his name correctly and generally seems like someone his opponents will have fun beating to a pulp. Such was the case with Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, but looked what happened. He came away with an upset, which means he can already brag about his first victory being over a multi-time world champion who once beat Austin and Rock in the same night.

    Anyway, this makes me think of what Steve Austin predicted a couple of days ago about Fandango winning the Intercontinental Championship sometime within the next six months or so. It could be that he wins (make it a sympathetic baby face he wins it from, too) and his IC Title reign could be booked just like HTM's record title reign. Slipping out of every challenge that comes his way, no matter how much it looks like he's gonna lose it. It could even end up being that he ends up having the longest reigning IC Title reign ever, breaking HTM's record.
  2. True, it'd be great. Looking at it that way the booking in his first match was pretty good, instead of making him beat someone up or something like that. I'd like that reign.
  3. Not sure if it would work the same as HTM. I've never seen any wrestling from back then, but from what I understand, the most annoying thing about the HTM was that he looked out of shape. He didn't look like he could even win a match, that's why it was so annoying every time he walked away with the belt and bragged. Kind of like heel JBL. Fangdango, on the other hand, actually looks like a credible wrestler, aside from his gimmick. But even as a dancer, a long string of victories wouldn't be as ridiculous as the HTM. The crowd would probably end up cheering him after a while, especially if he's any good. Wrestlers seem to be judged more by talent than gimmick these days (Ziggler).
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  4. That's true. I've even made the comparison with JBL on here before.
  5. funny comparison, fandangoing.....................ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
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