Fandango not on Raw tonight (dirtsheet speculation not spoiler)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Wait, Smackdown live event at the same time as live Raw?
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  2. That doesn't make much sense
  3. Good. My throat needs a break from WWE shoving Fandango down it.
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  4. A: Thanks for the link!
    B: Really? That's pretty fucking retarded. They're trying to fill 5 hours in 1 night? :dafuq: They can't fill 2
  5. It is just a house show, right? Not a SD taping.
  6. I'm familiar with them doing SD and Raw house shows the same nights and times, especially overseas, but didn't think they normally did SD the same time as a Raw taping. Maybe they're trying it this time to reach more fans, who knows.
  7. Yeah, Raw taping, SD house show.
  8. Yeah, seriously. For me right now, Fandango is still at the "take him or leave him" level. His presence or absence doesn't ultimately impact my enjoyment of the show. However, with the card lineups they mentioned, it seems their talent will be spread thin for a 3-hour Raw tonight. Should be interesting to see how they make up for it.

    (And you're welcome!)
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  9. I won't miss Fandango. Unlike many people, I still don't enjoy the gimmick. The most entertaining thing about him is the fan reaction to his theme song :lol1:

    With that being said, it doesn't make any sense how they have a live show going on at the same time as Raw.
  10. For what it's worth, the SD house show in Birmingham on 4/20 had 3MB and Dibiase over PTP and Epico and Primo, Fandango over Riley, Natalya over Alicia, Mark Henry over Khali, ADR over Swagger, Barrett over Gabriel, Orton over Show, Sheamus and the New Age Outlaws over the Shield.

    If that's any indication of who we'll be missing on Raw, I'm not too bummed other than Shield and Henry. But don't know how they'll fill 3 hours.

    (Also, is there any way to change the thread title? Think "Many Superstars" would be better than "Fandango")
  11. The Shield is on Raw tonight though. Or is suppose to be. They have their match against Taker and Team Hell No, so :yay: .
  12. Lol fail, forgot about that. :yay: Shield!
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  13. I doubt they'd leave him off knowing how over his theme is with the English crowd and how much Vince wants him to be over. However, if for some reason he isn't on the show tonight, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I still think the dancer/name pronouncing gimmick isn't entertaining.
  14. Not good, but possibly good in a way which I don't think will happen. I like watching him and all and was curious to see what kind of reaction he'd get, but him not being there would cause them not to shove people singing his song down my throat. Sadly, I could see them putting on a video package or something like that even if he isn't there.
  15. I really hope we get a 3 hour Fandango promo tonight.
  16. I'm going to have to agree. I laughed my ass off at him once, but besides that I find his gimmick to be tedious. He is decent in ring though.
  17. Well, Vince may realize he'll get cheered heavily, and we can't let that happen! Only babyfaces can get the wrong crowd reaction in WWE, brother.
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  18. Well he was there but why wouldn't he be? His theme song is like #3 or something in the UK iTunes store. The fans would definitely want it and WWE would want UK fans to dance/sing along.

    Anyways, nice title lol.
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