Fandango sucks.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. Said it when he first arrived, saying it now. Was absolutely overrated (Doverrated, sorry Ryan) by the IWC on his arrival. Now, he fucking sucks. His segments are genuinely horribly boring, his theme has always sucked, the gimmick is lame, and his matches are terrible. Hate on me for it, but I don't care.

    What's your opinion of Fandangno?
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  2. Never liked it, never understood the gimmick and it's stale.
  3. Talented wrestler and plays his gimmick to a tee.

    Solid addition to the midcard for years to come.
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  4. I never liked him. Thought he was corny. Still think he is corny. 2/10
  5. I like him, and I've liked him for a while. I thought his match with Big E was decent last night, but if they gave him the Johnny Curtis gimmick again, I'd be way more interested in him.
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  6. How could anyone not like Dirty Curty.
  7. Exactly that.
  8. Indeed.
  9. Hated it from the get go, still do.
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  11. Crayo buddy, you know how I felt at first. Bashing the hell out of Johnny Curtis and this silly gimmick, thought it was just dumb.

    But there was one segment on Smackdown that changed my mind. CM Punk was cutting a typical passionate Punk promo on Heyman and Fandango came out, spent like 5 minutes on his hilariously overelaborate entrance while Punk was just staring at him like 'what the fuck?" before he got in the ring and Punk hit him with the mic and GTS'ed him like it was nothing.. The entire combination of this guy looking like a complete goof after that self-indulgent entrance gave me the biggest laugh since the Slater "push" last year. Dude can make a great jobber.

    Then again, it's sad that WWE's best heel is stuck as a backup dancer and being completely wasted in this gimmick. Free Summer Rae.
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  12. EDIT : I posted this before I watched the whole video... lmao This dude sounds like @deth LOLOL
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  13. Only liked Fandangoing, it was funny for the first two months but it has turned out to be annoying as fuck... He's really overrated yeah, and I hated when he arrived because he never fought, now I guess that was his best moments in WWE because at least they didn't fill the shows with his boring matches (they used real jobbers :haha:)
  14. I probably shouldn't have been drinking.

    He sounds like Bruce from Family Guy.
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  15. He just repeats himself and for some reason I found it funny. lolol
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  16. The real star is the girl who walks with Fandango.
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  17. She kinda reminds me of McCool, who I loved before she retired.
  18. I see it too. Summer Rae is going to be the top heel of the divas division.

    Mark my words people.
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