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  1. Was it Johnny Curtis?

    Edit - Yep, lmao @ Chimel by the way

  2. Fandangoo...

    I think so, I was at a house show this weekend and he came out with that music and a fitting attire.
  3. Fandangoo...

    Fandangoo is Curtis yes. Looking forward to see how it will all turn out.
  4. RE: Fandangoo...

    They ran a new vignette on Smackdown with fixed spelling by the way
  5. RE: Fandangoo...

    Yes, it is Curtis. Let's see where this goes, I think I'll get a few laughs from this at least.
  6. Curtis has the charisma and ability to make odd gimmicks work. Just watch NXT redemption for further proof. I think I'll enjoy this.
  7. He definitely had two o's on Raw, wonder why they changed it?
  8. @[R'Albin] It was an error by the editing crew on RAW.
  9. That's really amateur.
  10. Even boss editing crews like the one WWE employs makes mistakes from time to time.
  11. Maybe I'll look a little forward to this although I don't watch Smackdown. :lol1:
  12. He was promoted on both RAW and Smackdown so he might debut on RAW as well for all we know.
  13. Hopefully. I didn't watch this weeks Raw because I was ill, but read the spoilers. :obama:
  14. Bet you he'll get teamed with Brodus Clay within two months
  15. Casanova storyline? This character's for the ladies.

  16. Found his finisher. Pretty neat move.
  17. Really don't care about Curtis. I saw someone say he has charisma? I'm still trying to find it.
  18. Didn't Orton use a similar finish when he first started with the company? If I remember correcting he used the finishers "O-Zone" and the one I'm talking about.

    Good finisher none the less. :otunga:
  19. Santino's Foreign exchange would be the best example I can think of
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