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  1. What's the point?
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  2. Ask Creative.
  3. You mean his Gimmick?
    I'm not a fan of these "dancing" gimmicks tbh, but I won't judge his gimmick right now, lets just wait and see where things go.
  4. Well wwe has a long history of stupid gimmicks,If Curtis can make this gimmick interesting then he is good .
  5. If Curtis makes it ok I'll like him, but I want to see him fight
  6. They changed Curtis.. ALOT.
  7. If you're going to make a thread, at least say his name right.
  8. FAAAAN DAAAAN GOOOO you need more air on the A's hahaha
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  9. The backstage feel is that he won't ever debut, so we may never find out where this character goes, apart from the heap pile.

    Although I would never want to work that gimmick if I were a wrestler myself, I can't help but laugh a little every time he rejects a match; it just feels like trolling every time.
  10. For some reason I like this gimmick.
  11. Lol, obviously he'll have a match sooner or later. He's a brand new heel and he's trying to generate heat as much as he can. It's pissing everyone off marks and smarks alike and that's the best kind of heel there is. I was skeptical about him as first as well because the gimmick seemed pretty stupid. I'm going to wait until his first few matches to really make my mind up about him. The fact that he has a new bitch every time he comes on makes me laugh. :dawg:
  12. I love this gimmick. He's such a douche bag, he reminds me of myself if I embraced my Mexican side more.
  13. You rub your chest sensually? :cornette:
  14. He must have gotten caught hitting on Steph backstage and this is his punishment from HHH.
  15. No idea.
  16. Best thread ever.
  17. No fuccing idea I guess he will debut after WM
  18. I feel bad for the people he has to fight, the ones who don't get much time on TV and their only time is wasted with a Fandango segment.
  19. Rooo--driiiii-goooo
  20. Getting atomic X-Pac heat.

    People say his character's different, it doesn't really feel like it imo. He just seems like the same douchebag from NXT except now with a girl on his knee.
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