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    He's arguably one of the most controversial figures in WWE at the moment, because you either hate him or you love him. Do you see the potential that some see in him? Do you think he's playing a unique role well? Do you think he can go far under this character or is he simply off to Superstars soon?

  2. I love how he's intergrating his character into everything, even the little movements he makes to the ring fit. Very few really live their gimmick any more so I'm a fan of it.
  3. Jobber to the stars by June.
  4. I'm a Fandango fan.

    Like seabs said he makes the gimmick work. He works it into everything he does and makes it fit. He'll be a mid card staple for years to come.
  5. I still need to see more but I definitely don't hate him. For some reason I like the gimmick :dawg:
  6. I like it. A new, different character (although it's a dancer, it's still different from an oily man in trunks), Curtis plays it very well and he's a good wrestler. I'm a fan.
  7. Its a nice change to be fair. He is doing well with it so far lets see how he progresses the character or if it becomes stale quickly.
  8. I like him, When i saw his little advert a few weeks before his debut all i could think was somebody call my momma, but i like how aggressive and athletic the guy is... He has a good look (no homo) and has got me interested in the Y2J fued. Its early days but i look forward to there match at mania
  9. I like what his doing now but I don't understand too much why WWE trust so much in him that puts him in a match vs Jericho at WM
  10. Big fan.

    If done right, and not wasted by #WWELogic, he can do some good stuff in WWE for a long period of time.

    Him vs Y2J will get him over on the grand daddy of 'em all, Wrestlemania. I hope they will solidify him in his gimmick, and most importantly, solidify himself as the dancing wrestler he claims to be.

    At the moment, he plays his role surprisingly well. He has got the right charisma to play the ''unique'' role they gave him.
    A good finisher, a cool entrance and smooth attire will do the trick, hopefully.
  11. -Gimmick initially hated by IWC
    -Gimmick then pretty liked by IWC (generally)
    -Goes over one of the most talented guys in the WWE @ 'Mania
    -Gets hate from IWC again
    -WWE finds another fued with a meaningless midcarder (most likely Miz)
    -A few months down the line he has no direction due to 'E's booking
    -Eventually turns face
    -Hate from IWC soon turns into apathy
    -Buries talented heels (most likely Ziggler)
    -Even more directionless
    -Gets buried to the point of no return
    -Future endeavoured

    Apologies for generalising there, but this is the way it has gone/is going to go IMO.
  12. Just a Rico RIP OFF!
  14. I think the character is pretty funny, but I know this is going to die out in 4 months, then i'll hate em'. I think this could have gone terribly wrong, but Fandango does what he's supposed to do, piss people off.
  15. Yet to see enough of him to give a fair judgement.
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