Fandango's hos

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  1. Swagger jacking Godfather's gimmick :jeritroll:
  2. Well, it's a nice touch, I suppose.
  3. I figured they would find local dancers. Its a good way for a dancer trying to get recognition. Though I think Godfather used actual "pole dancers". lol I could be wrong but they looked hooched up for sure.
  4. Godfather used Mick Foleys wife once I cant remember why. Think Foley was involved in the gimmick at the time.
  5. Funny thing about the Godfather. That wasn't that much of a character. He was a legit pimp. He now runs a strip club in Vegas. The girls he had with him at the Rumble were from there.
  6. Oh wow! lol :dawg::dawg::dawg:
  7. It's the same thing that they did with Paul Bearer. Looked at his previous profession and asked if he could take that and turn it into an overboard character.
  8. This mean AJ really is a slut?
  9. I guess they did that a lot back then.
  10. :lol1: :haha: :woo1:
  11. Godfather was a pimp though. Not sure if this dude is a ballerina or what
  12. I know Curtis has been in the business since he was 15 and he used to skateboard at a decent level. Not sure on dancing.
  13. Talking about the gimmick. Obviously the godfather wasn't a pimp irl. I don't think lol
  14. He was a drug dealer and part time pimp I think. Now he runs a strip club in Vegas.
  15. Not a bad party.

  16. Well holy hell. Anyways, back to my main point. What is fandango's gimmick? A ballerina?
  17. competitive ballroom and latino (salsa and such) dancer who has grown born with his old sport and is going to prove that he can make it as a wrestler.
  18. I was wondering what exactly that was, thank you.
  19. It can work. Curtis is best when working with a real character instead of just "dude in tights" and they are working a smart way to get him heat. Showcase him without showcasing him.
  20. Sounds good, we don't get NXT in the states so this will be the first i've seen him in ring.