Fandango's Titantron

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 1, 2013.

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  3. Lol, worked this morning. Close it then please mods.
  4. [video=youtube][/video]

    Not so fast slim.
  5. I take back my request.
  6. Wanted to see his debut. :sad:
  7. I really hope Curtis sells that character because that titantron sucks
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  8. Best in the world
  9. I seriously don't care about this guy...
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  10. Pretty much this.

    Dancer gimmick?

    It's Brodus Clay all over again.
  11. So far he's annoyed me. Just for not wrestling at all, I mean we could have a decent match in the time it's taking him to say his own name.
  12. Am I seriously the only one loving this guy? Curtis is selling the character really well in my opinion and trolling the crowds and the fans. It's a smart way to get heat (denying the crowd the right to see you wrestle after being hyped) + a smart way to keep him relevant during the mania build up without him being a major part.

    If it was Y2J doing all these things you would be calling him a genius.
  13. I can understand the method behind it, it's just a time waste :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:!
  14. It's not. It is a smart and good way to build a new heel out of a guy who can sell the character and gimmick. Curtis works best when under a real gimmick - like his "weird" schtick from NXT redemption - He was amazing with that as a character. This is all smart booking. Fandango will keep showing up on RAW, Smackdown and possibly main event leading up to mania, teasing a debut only to pull out at the last second, basing this on some nonsensical minor issue playing on the fact that the character is a prima donna. This will annoy the fans and the faces he is supposed to fight, building heat for him and getting him over. Because the fans will love the moment he actually gets in the ring and loses, or if he wins his debut (probably through dirty tactics) then they will get even angrier and demand a babyface to take him out.

    They worked the same method when Punk was to debut on ECW, only he was a face, building up the crowds anticiapation.

    This is in no way a waste of time.
  15. Understand everything you're saying Spot, but I just wasn't into it last night. To me it felt forced, not natural. When Jericho trolls it comes off as genius because he does it in a way that makes me furious and excited at the same time. Last night Fandango was just meh, I didn't care.
  16. I like Fandango. This is not a generic gimmick, at least, and he got more heat than I expected him to on Raw (yeah, very little, but let's agree that's a good thing in this case) and I think Curtis will crack me up a few times on this run.
  17. The little I've seen of him so far doesn't seem that interesting. Hopefully he sells his character well so I can get into it.
  18. I thought it was great tbh. It was pretty funny to me
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