Fans are the reason why WWE sucks?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Thought this was a fantastic read personally.
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  2. What does he expect? Most of the fans over the age of 30 are guys who went there becasue of their children.If the WWE give us a PG show,mainly orientated for children then,the true smarks will be like fuck that shit im not even wasting money for watching live a Khali match.All this guy saw are casuals than assisted to the show because their children wanted.And fans arent the problem...because the WWE is the one who is ¨choosing their fans¨.
  3. What's his issue? He sat near to a group of part-time wrestling fans with below average IQ. Hardly representative of the whole fanbase.
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  4. This..Call them casuals :pity:
  5. Wow, ouch.

    Crowds can be different everywhere, but this was in Philadelphia. The home of ECW and the smart-mark capital of the world, the same people who booed Matt Morgan, Crimson, and Brian Kendrick out of the building in favor of Austin Aries and Samoa Joe at BFG 2011, but when Raw comes to town the crowd goes back to being silent. Figured that was just because nobody's over, but if WWE's really only drawing casuals in Philafreakingdelphia (and after the last 3 years that's hardly shocking) I guess it only makes sense that the product has been dumbed down to the levels of the dumb people who watch it.
  6. You know, it's still possible to cater to that demographic while still retaining good story-telling and avoid a lot of the pitfalls that WWE's build to WrestleMania has fallen into. You can blame the fanbase all you want, but that doesn't excuse the poor booking of the product. Also, based off this article, it doesn't really seem like WWE is even trying to cater to this demographic. I mean, the people who the guys lists off as people that got the biggest reactions are hardly utilized for anything other than a throwaway segment. Hell, Zack Ryder is somebody that WWE felt the need to systemically ruin his push and momentum. Which makes the whole matters worse and the accusation that the biggest reason why WWE sucks today is the fans a little bit off-base. And as I illustrated in the first sentence, I already think it's a bit off-base.

    Also, I wouldn't call this a, "fantastic read" as much as I'd call this a, "depressing commentary on the state of WWE's casual audience of males over the age of 35." But to each his own.
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  7. Wow, the reason why WWE sucks now, is because of the push they give the Superstars.
  8. That's pretty bad. Can't be a good thing, but then again, smarks were always the minority.
  9. TLDR atm. Crowds are bad when the product is bad. put on a good show, they'll respond.


    edit: OK so after reading it he basically just talked about things he overheard a few retarded fans saying? yawn
  10. You can tell you didn't read it lol. This is about WWE appealing to their audience by pushing the child friendly product and how the adults react positively to it.

    It mentions men doing Brodus' dance and being annoyed at Santino's absence.
  11. Still a very small sample size to see a few bad adult fans at one show and say YUP THERE'S THE PROBLEM

    If they had a more adult oriented show adults would show up and support it just the same. It is a bullshit cop out to say oh yea the fans are the problem with this kid tailored product. Don't buy it.
  12. I 100% agree. The fans are to blame for why WWE sucks. Throughout WWE's declining years the fans continued to support the wrong people (pussy lesnar, alberto del retard, shameass) as world champs and now they're complaining about the crap they helped to create. Well as far as I'm concerned, the fans deserve all the crap they're getting. If they wanna support crap then they deserve to get nothing but crap.
  13. So its our fault they put out a shit product? :pity1:
  14. Of course is the fan`s fault, Look at those shitty polls
  15. If you supported shit ass wrestlers like pussy lesnar who was too damn green to deserve a title shot against The Rock then HELL YEAH you're responsible for WWE putting out a shit product. If you had enough of a conscience to do the right thing or if you even gave a damn about the wrestling business or if you even gave a damn about the championships meaning anything you would've said no to Vince pushing lesnar as WWE champ and demanded that a guy with some experience got the shot instead. you don't just hand your top prize to a noob. The reason the WWE title is valueless is because it's no longer treated like the sacred prize that it once was. Instead of building new guys into World champs over the passage of time they just jumpstarted them into the role. You fans could've stopped it! You fans could've kept the WWE title's prestige alive but NOOOOOOOO you had to fall in love with pussy lesnar and say screw credibility and properly building talent I just want this guy as champ. Wanting somebody to be champ is not a good enough reason especially if they're new. To push somebody as champ just because they're new isn't a good enough reason either. And don't start reading off his resume to me either cuz the way I see it you don't give a promotion to a guy who just started his new job. There is no reason for it whatsoever. it is reckless, it is responsible, it is plain STUPID!!!!
  16. So we have control over what WWE decides? You need to lay off the weed.
  17. Uh Yeah you do have control. It's called a remote control more specifically your tv or cable's remote control (that's assuming a lesnar fan has a job and can afford cable). Do you know how to use it? When any WWE program is on all you have to do is either change the channel or turn off your TV. If VinnyMac sees that not enough people are watching his product he's gonna have to make changes. I'm sure you've been told that a million times. Maybe you weren't sober those times but you were told nonetheless. BTW tell me the model # of your TV or cable box along with your email and I'll send you a copy of the manual if you're having trouble understanding the "technical" terms dumbass.
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  18. So we are going to boycott WWE? If we got everyone on this forum to do such it wouldn't even be noticeable, if the entire IWC did so, it would but even then it would not change anything and what are the chances of this happening? ZERO.
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  19. What is your problem? Want a hug? Need directions to your door, seems like its been a while since you got out.