Fans Planted In the Crowd at TNA Lockdown

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  2. Lol at that !
  3. Wow, that's crazy. They really wanted to duplicate the Bash down to the T.
  4. Well it is a Bischoff product.
  5. Is Eric Bischoff actually on the creative team?

    It's a nice idea regardless, even though 99.9% of the fanbase saw the heel turn coming from a mile away. I certainly did, and I don't even watch the product regularly.
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  6. He's executive producer or something like that.
  7. Smart move IMO. I thought the trash was a great touch and took me back to my youth watching the NWO
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  8. A good touch in my opinion. It is amazing to see what can be done by starting something off in a crowd.
  9. TBF this is something I think that any company who has crowds of a certain size and up do. ROH planted those guys that Steen kissed and punched at one ppv. The bigger the crowd the less likely it is that the fans who want to start stuff get heard, might as well give them some help.
  10. Yeah it was a great touch IMO, crowd was pretty awesome on the whole.
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  11. Largest crowd in TNA history, and yea, they were hot for most of the matches. I loved last night's crowd for sure.
  12. Great and intense ending Sunday, loved every second of it.

    And congrats on the motherfucking 10k, TNA.
  13. Seriously they pulled 10k?
  14. According to Wiki.

    Nice imo.
  15. I hate to trust Wiki but I really hope that's true.
  16. Yes, their official something confirmed it. Largest crowd EVER in TNA. They even beat Wembley crowd.:obama:
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  17. Was good. I don't get why anyone would complain.
  18. The official something, always spot on with their info :ryan:
  19. 10,000 is impressive considering that was around the average crowd that WCW would pull in during their big two year run in the late 90's.
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