News Fans Protest Against Donald Trump’s Inclusion In the WWE Hall of Fame

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  1. There was a protest held by a group of WWE Fans outside the Barclay’s Center, the venue for the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view. The protest was against the inclusion of Donald Trump’s inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 under its “Celebrity Wing”, due to his numerous appearances on WWE TV and his contribution to the company. Trump is also a close friend to Vince McMahon himself.

    The leader of the protest was a 30-year old Wrestling Fan named John Stevens who along with his friends, called out WWE and asked them to “reject racism by tossing Trump from an honoured spot with the company.” He was soon joined by a number of WWE fans who were also in town for Sunday’s SummerSlam event.

    This is what Stevens said to the Gothamist :

    “We were talking about how Trump gave that crazy press conference, and then thought about how he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame even though Hulk Hogan got kicked out over racism. What Trump has done is remarkably worse than what Hogan did, since he’s dividing the country by siding with neo-Nazis and white nationalists.”

    “I was sickened by that press conference and his response to Charlottesville. Basically, WWE is endorsing those comments by having [Trump] in their hall of fame. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that they’d leave him in there, take Hogan out and claim they say they care about racism.”

    Stevens and his friend Stephen Miller claimed that they have another rally planned for Saturday’s NXT’s Takeover: Brooklyn III. They also have a backup plan ready in case the company just decides to ignore them:

    “We might protest during the shows, we’ve got prime seats. Where our seats are, you’d definitely see it, you’d hear the chants. WWE could take care of this problem now, or they could have it come up during one of their biggest pay-per-views of the year and have it be on the WWE Network forever.”

    Stevens also added saying that removing Trump from the Hall of Fame would be the “ultimate act of being a star” and standing up against racism.

    What do you think about this issue? Sound off in the comments below.

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  2. :gn:
  3. He's not wrong but isn't there much more important things to be whining about more than getting Trump kicked out of a wrestling hall of fame lmfao.

    This just leaks of pretentious insincerity with the "WWE could take care of it now... or have it stay around forever..." just sounds like they're doing it be famous rather than making a change and it's not even making a change for something significant.

    I feel like they need a hobby, maybe gardening.
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  4. America - Home of the Free People Who Love to Complain
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  5. Bunch of snowflake communist retards
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  6. Liberal media, where there's a demand for racists but no supply so they have to make things up.
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  7. Why not talk about and protest the taxation problems, the healthcare issues, how American is in debt and the working class is paying the price...
    Of that's right. TV and scripted media/television is more important than the future of your children.
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  8. Please do not encourage them.
    -------------------------------- Below is my thoughts, and in no way a response to Urn. -----------------------------------
    I agree.
    Exactly. The organizers and the media are trying to spin this whole racist thing to make a big deal out of it. If you look carefully shortly thereafter, there was a protest in California, and it was cordial, really calm. There are even reports that the "violent" protesters are targeting California next - which really proves that people are just looking for trouble.
    Yeah, exactly!

    I want the taxation problem and the healthcare problem to be solved, but we can't even get there without all this media bullshit. And GOP thinks that Donald Trump is racist JUST because the media says so.

    I really hate what's going on right now. Anything, and everything is getting controversy. I'm reading this article, dumbfounded. I'm confused as to why this wrestling fan (John Stevens) is protesting this out of nowhere. He (Trump) doesn't even do storylines now. He's not performing. Hogan was kicked out of WWE because the racist tape came during his contract with WWE. He was presently (at the time) doing storyline(s), and/or planning one at the time.

    And that tape was 10 fucking years ago! Fuck! It's so fucking infuriating that something that happened - 10/20 years ago, can and is brought up into the fucking spotlight for no fucking reason. Such fucking bullshit!

    I do not believe that Donald Trump is racist. If you look in the past, where he stood up to racists, you'd know this. This was on facebook recently, and it's getting shared widely:

    When I read that, I said: "Awesome." It's good to see that some people don't believe in the propaganda perpetuated by the media.
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  9. I don't think he's as racist as everyone portrays him to be, but I do think he's a complete pathological liar, extremely manipulative and an emotionally stunted man.

    But also very amusing to watch as an outsider.
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  10. Well, what president or what congressman/woman isn't? I voted for Obama, and from time to time, he'd lie to the camera. He even does some pauses every time he talks - that means that he's lying on the fly. Trump says shit like it fucking is.
  11. Not a single honest president existed since I was born. You have to lie through your teeth to be the president. Sad but true.And people with money are known to be emotionless. I would rather have someone with little emotion running a country than someone who has too much and reacts on the whim of emotions. Then again, people say that about Trump too so which is it? LOL
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  12. There you go. You said it perfectly. Trump does react with emotion sometimes, but most of the time, he says it like it is. I'd take that over anything Obama says anyday of the week. I want the truth in my face, and not just some edited message by the president.
  13. Why not inducting Chris Benoit in the Hall of Fame because a fake fighter hardly any non-wrestling fan heard before the tragedy in a "LOL Wrestling" Hall of Fame is more important than taxation problems, healthcare issues and the future of our children.What has the healthcare or America in debt anything to do with this one? These guys are pro wrestling fans, they have witnessed Hulk Hogan being "kicked out" of the WWE Hall of Fame because of racism cuz the WWE cares about stuff like this yet you have another racist in the WWE Hall of Fame.
    It's easy to show how much you care about things like these when it comes to punish "your boys", now it's time to show what company you really are and how honest you are when it comes to the president.
    It's not like USA is a place where you are not allowed to be against Trump, many TV stations, celebrities, shows and networks turned on Trump because they disagree with his comments, so it's not like WWE will pay the price if they say something against the president or throw him out of the WWE Hall of Fame.
    Now it's the WWEs turn, either you agree or disagree with Trump and if you can punish your biggest star in history because of racism then do it again and do the same against a celebrity who is the current president of the USA.
  14. The point was some people are caring more about this BS than the actual real problems in America.
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  15. I guess that was an easy thing for me to walk into - as I really can't stand even the role or definition of a politician and any of them really as I'm not a fan of people who lie, know they're lying, their supporters know they're lying, don't mind it and then get blamed for what the politician does because they voted him/her in.

    Neither Obama or Trump "say it like it is", that's not what they get hired for. Just because he isn't actually scripted and makes shit up (Trump) as he goes along and says easy shit to work his supporters to follow him isn't truthful.
  16. I don't want to feed this anymore. I just want to say that it is the media's fault for a lot of the crap happening right now. The media and their BS is causing people to hate each other over stupid trivial things because they want us divided. It is easier to run and rule over a divided nation than one that actually stands up for one another. Well they can kiss my lily white arse, I am not picking a side.
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  17. #17 Stone Cold X, Aug 19, 2017
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    I'm not even going to try and convince you because you're set in your ways. I'm not this... bad person, I'm just a person who's really interested in fixing the country's many problems, including the fucking economy. I wanted to get into business to help fix the economy in some way, shape or form. But under Obama, I couldn't even get funding.

    Obama was smart, but he was also a two-faced liar. He thinks by pausing every 2 minutes or so would make him a careful president...? It doesn't. It just makes me doubt what you're saying. There would be times where he pauses during a sentence, before finishing it, and I'm thinking "hmm..."

    With Trump, he knows what the fuck he's saying. And actually finishes his sentences, and even when he says what he truely meant - like the charlottesville riot, he said "both sides are at fault" THE FIRST TIME. The White House had to reiterate his comment, because people are so stupid to listen to the propaganda of the media - [his comments are always miscontrued] - that he is "racist." He said it out loud in front of cameras, that he doesn't like what's going on there! No, he had to do another press conference, THIS TIME, with calling out White Supremacists, Nazi's and the KKK!

    And, here you are, sitting there, telling me - that he isn't "truthful." Yeah, okay, champ.

  18. First of all, "champ", don't become fucking patronising with me just because someone you see on a wrestling forum that has an Urn as his avatar that you shouldn't even care about makes an observation that he isn't truthful, which doesn't take more than common sense when you look at him talking about anything that he's as full of shit as a Christmas turkey. Second of all, you're making it sound like I'm a crazy left or right and I'm denying what you're saying about Obama, I'm well aware that his supporters were as fundamental as Trumps, he just didn't act like a 16 year old keyboard warrior who pretends to be in touch with the common man when he is literally the stereotype of what his supporters hate.

    But yeah, no, both sides are at fault m, one side for driving the car and the other side for being in the way.:facepalm2:
  19. Politics...this is what WWEF was truly created for
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  20. Trump does lie. You can't become a millionaire and a successful business man without lying. He may be the most upfront president we have seen in sometime but he still lies. lol

    But for the sake of this thread and seeing it is a touchy subject - I am going to have to call for a chill pill on it or I will have to close it.
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