Fans scare off Claire

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 25, 2012.

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  2. It's her fault for being such a terrible actress.
  3. Damn. That's... something.

    Hey Bischoff, next time you try to talk down to the IWC, saying their voice doesn't matter... here's our proof.
  4. Let's spam her websites and everything when she puts them back up!
  5. That would be very disrespectful.. this is someone's life and career you would be messing up.
  6. :awyeah: Anybody have a link to her youtube channel? :hmm:
  7. :lol1: Gotta love the IWC.
  8. Dude. Seriously, that's not cool. Even experienced actors talk about how hard it is to perform live and it's got to be difficult to perform for an audience as demanding as wrestling fans (where else can two guys go out, work their asses off for 20 - 30 minutes, bleed, sweat, and hurt themselves, and still get talked bad about because the "work rate wasn't high enough" or "XXXXX is just a jobber" or "XXXXX just sucks to me in my humble opinion")?

    This is an example of a bunch of kayfabe-believing idiots going out and doing their best to actually damage somebody's life and career. We shouldn't celebrate this. It's horrific. This woman, whatever one might individually think about her performance, character, etc., is somebody who's trying to live her life as a performer who got hired for an acting job. She wasn't asked to wrestle. She didn't work for 20 years in the indies to get to TNA. She's just an actress trying to make a living. This is the reason why a lot of people who love wrestling won't talk about it. They don't want to get lumped in with the scum who do things like this to an honest, hard-working actress.

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  9. Boo this man
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  10. Amazing post. This was an awful storyline and she played her part just as awfully, but there's no need for this at all from the TNA marks.
  11. Admittedly, I did lol.
  12. Meh. If you choose to go down the path of being an actor or actress you should know it comes with the territory. It's obviously a job where you are going to be in the public eye and when it comes to film or television everyone is a critic so if they think you suck expect to find out. If I sucked at acting and got a major role on a show that millions of people watched each week I would expect to receive backlash from the fans.

    It's like being a professional athlete. Are they unfairly scrutinized, to a much further degree than other professionals? Of course they are, but that's the career path that they have chosen. Nobody forces them to do what they do, and nobody forced Claire Lynch (cba to remember her real name) to become an actress. If she wants to live a chill life and not be in the public eye she can get a desk job and work 9-5 like the rest of us. Maybe if she wasn't so completely God awful at what she does there wouldn't have been such a need for the over the top fans to go as far as they did (I'm not even sure what they did.. from what little I've gathered they just seemed to be telling her she was shitty at acting, which is obviously true. I've heard nothing of threats of violence or anything like that. They basically just exposed her identity and then spammed her website. Big deal)

    So yea, I don't feel bad for her at all. She chose this life and can't have it both ways. I'm sure she would have been flattered if her pages were being filled with love and telling her how great she was as Claire Lynch.. so if she would welcome the praise she needs to welcome the criticism as well. I think she was just butt hurt about people figuring out who she was and she was probably a bit embarrassed about being linked professionally to this train wreck of a storyline.

    [screeches]THIS IS YOUR BABY AJ[/screeches]

    f that dumb bitch

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  13. I don't care about them receiving hate, look at the WWE celebrity ambassadors recently, they're getting tore apart on twitter and whenever a celeb appears now they're boo'd. Rightly so, we want wrestling. But to actually bomb their PERSONAL life outside of wrestling with hateful messages and sometimes stupid things like death threats is just too far. If you were them and offered $xxxx to appear and do a bit of acting/promoting, would you turn it down?
  14. Of course I wouldn't turn it down, but if I sucked dick at it I wouldn't take my ball and go home when fans told me I sucked at it.
  15. No you'd leave your ball there because you're too scared to ask Angle to give it back. #Pussy
  16. Kurt's Twitter account would be too hacked for me to be scared of his drunk ass.

    and anyway about Claire being 'exposed' or whatever by people finding out her identity.. I mean wtf? Did she think that fans thought wrestling was real and this Claire Lynch bitch was really fucking with AJ? I mean.. she's just a retard.
  17. I must agree, here.
  18. Would professionals who hired people for serious acting gigs really consider what a bunch of random people on a message board (or the internet in general) said seriously? I doubt it would damage her future career in any real way. Either way, I heard she was a pretty bad actress so all the better for TNA fans that she's gone, I guess.
  19. It's not criticism of her acting ability that bothers me. If she does a lousy job as an actress, criticize her, critique her, whatever. I think she did a lousy job at the role she was chosen for (apparently I'm not alone in that).

    My problem is with those who are attacking her because of the things that happened in the storyline. According to the source quoted in the OP, she was attacked by fans because of her character's action and her character's appearance. People were attacking her based on what her character did. That's the problem.

    You ask the question, does she think wrestling fans think it's real? Apparently, some of the mouth-breathers that attacked her do. They're attacking her for ruining AJ's good name and trying to break up AJ's family. Seriously? These morons are attacking her because they think she really faked a pregnancy to break up AJ's family.

    So, for anybody who thinks that this actress is responsible for Claire Lynch's actions, let me assure you that she's not. She is just an actress who was hired to play a part. We can talk all we want about whether or not she did the job well. But don't be a simpleton and think that she made all the decisions for her character on her own.

    Oh, and since you've been mourning the suicide of Kutner since his death on House a few years back, let me assure you that Kal Penn, the actor who played him, is alive and well and still making movies. In fact, I watched the Harold and Kumar Christmas movie just last night. See, kids, there's a difference between fiction and reality, and your Uncle Wacokid27 is here to help. If you have any personal need to have it explained more fully, please let me know and I will be happy to tell you what's real and what's fiction.

    Oh, and pro wrestling is fake fighting. They're (generally, at least) not really trying to hurt each other. That's why they do things like stomp their foot when they punch each other and why those guys continue to hang right there on the ropes in perfect position to get hit by Rey Mysterio's 619. Now, put on your pajamas with the booties on the bottom and have sweet dreams, children.

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