Royal Rumble Fans Try to Block WWE Stars from Leaving The Rumble?

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  1. - We received a fan report from reader Barjinder Parhar that said a group of fans blocked the back parking lot at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia after last night's pay-per-view and wouldn't let some of the wrestlers exit. It was noted that fans were upset over Roman Reigns winning and Reigns was spotted leaving around 12:15am EST. Fans were described as "livid" outside of the arena. Barjinder noted that The Usos were very angry and one of them got out of their car and "went off" on a group of fans. Take this for what it's worth but we did hear about fans blocking the parking lot on Twitter last night.


    Philly fans are scum
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  2. Weather was bad, heard tons of fans couldn't get out and this story is being spun. Checked up on it on twitter.
  3. But if they did it wouldn't surprise me. Philly fans threw snowballs at Santa Clause once. Notoriously pretty foul.
  4. Probably just weather related, maybe a few idiots took the chance to talk shit to some workers during the traffic build up.

    If they were legit blocking off talents vehicles and doing shit like that, fuck them. Grown men taking this shit a little too seriously
  5. Best stat of the night.
  6. If this is legit - LOL. Everyone needs to chill out.
  7. Apparently it's not true ( one example, lots of people saying it's not true) so I'm glad that's not the case. I'd even say crowding Vince's car alone is a step too far.
  8. It was true apparently.
  9. That's pretty despicable behavior. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I guess I like to hope people wouldn't resort to that sort of thing.
  10. People behaving like animals and morons. What else is new.
  11. Your last sentence summed it up. Philly is a shit town. The residents are shit. I wish someone would have tested one of the boys and got punched in the mouth.
  12. :lol1: What goofs.
  13. That's pathetic...
  14. Ziggler no selling the fans trying to fanboy for him. Dope.
  15. Was Nero_X3 there?
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  16. Absolute cheb ends.
  17. shit bags
  18. Attitude Era Return Confirmed.
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