Fantasy Book the Next Episode of Smackdown.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Lets have a little fun. We're all very disenfranchised and frustrated watching the current Smackdown product, so lets see if you can do any better. Ace just made you Booker for a Day (in kayfabe) to write this weekend's show! All he asks is that you keep it within the WWE rules (no blood, sorry), and keep it reasonable (no 15 heel turns in one show, Yoshi Tatsu WHC reigns, and you can't just do 2 hours of commercials, Crayo). You can pick the guys who will win the Extreme Rules title matches as well.

    40 minutes will be for adverts, 30 minutes will be allocated for filler material (entrances, segways into commercials, Cole talking about Slim Jim, the Raw Rebound)... So you have 50 minutes for actual content.

    Have at it.
  2. This is for next week.

    Randy Orton VS Sheamus VS Cody Rhodes 1 contender match - Main event - 14 minutes.
    Daniel Bryan as champion Promo time- 10 minutes
    The Usos VS Primo and Epico for the championship titles and then Darren Young and Titus O neil interfere - 7-8 minutes
    That guy with the debut promos forgot his name in his first match beating Michael Mcgillicuty - 6 minutes
    Brodus Clay vs Lord Tensai - Tensai wins - 5 minutes
    Natalya VS divas champion - 3 minutes
    Sheamus VS Mark Henry in a falls count anywhere match - 18 minutes
  3. DB opens the show celebrating his title win at ER, until Sheamus comes out and interrupts him saying he's got a rematch. Del Rio also shows up and reminds everyone he has a title shot due to his victory over Sheamus. Finally, Orton appears and says that since he beat Kane last night he should also get a match. They argue for a while and then Johnny tells them that all three of them have valid points for a match, and we'll have two matches tonight: Bryan vs Orton and Sheamus vs Del Rio. He'll evaluate their performances in matches and decide the #1 contender next week. (8 minutes)

    Del Rio def. Sheamus when Christian interfered behind the ref's back (this sets up a feud between Christian and Sheamus that later on gets Ace involved). (8 minutes)

    Darren Young & Titus O'Neil def. Santino Marella (lost US Title at ER) and Zack Ryder after a low blow followed by their finisher. Eve announces from the titantron that for next week, we'll have a tag team turmoil match for the titles involving Epico & Primo, Young & O'Neil, Usos and Santino & Ryder. (5 minutes)

    Big Show retained the title (wait, there's a reason for that) over Cody and comes out to talk about it until Rhodes interrupts him. They go back and forth for some time, then Show tells him he's been informed that there will be a #1 contender's match for the IC Title involving Cody that'll take place later tonight. (5 minutes)

    Kharma, the new divas champion who won the title somehow last sunday, def. Natalya in a competitive match. She then grabs a mic and says that she'll destroy every diva in the WWE. (5 minutes)

    Cesaro is with Aksana backstage and is interviewed. He says that he has another match with Tyson Kidd tonight, and will destroy him again just like he did last week. (1 minute)

    Antonio Cesaro def. Tyson Kidd. After the match, McGillicutty attacks Kidd from out of nowhere and says that their problems are not over yet. (6 minutes)

    Cody Rhodes is out waiting for his opponent, who is... Ryback! Ryback def. Cody Rhodes and is the new #1 contender for the IC Title. Big Show appears on the stage and lifts the title over his head, Ryback watches. (2 minutes)

    Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton with the Yes Lock after he hit Orton with a lead pipe. He celebrates by yes-ing around with the World Title in his hands. (10 minutes)

    If the main event's result is not against WWE rules, I think everything's right.
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  4. The lead pipe is allowed, when Sheamus used it on HHH it was under the PG Banner.
    That was really, really good, Leo.
  5. I meant Orton losing via submission, but it's always nice to know I'm following the rules.
    Thanks a lot Draine :yay:
  6. -Daniel Bryan opens, says he's tired of Big Show. Big Show comes out, no pop. He comes to the ring, gets put in the YES lock, he taps. Goes to commercial with him nearly in tears.
    -Back from commercial, Big Show is in the ring still holding his arm. Santino comes out, Cobra out of no where. Vince McMahon comes out, welcomes him to the kiss my ass club. Commercial.
    -Back from commercial, Big Show is crying. Sheamus comes out, attempts a brogue kick but falls over and kayfabe breaks his leg, we don't see him for another year. Big Show starts giggling as he failed, so Mai Young comes out and hits the WMD, Show is out cold. Commercial.
    -Back from Commercial, Big Show is stripped off the IC title and it is given back to Rhodes. Show then activates his rematch clause, all be it, stuttering as he's still upset. Rhodes beats him in 3 seconds (pinfall). Big Show then gets fired.
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  8. Christian opens the show and announces that he is going after the WHC and complains about how he got screwed over by Orton. He will not stand for this and demands a #1 contender spot. Johnny Ace comes out and tells Christian that he doesn't have to worry about Orton anymore, because Orton is fired (No Kayfabe). He then tells Christian that he will get a shot at the #1 contender spot tonight, and his opponent(s) will be announced later on.

    Tornado Tag match. Wade Barrett and William Regal vs Ted DiBiase and Johnny Curtis. Barrett and Regal win and form some sort of British nationalist team.


    Brodus Clay's music sounds. Him and Hornswoggle strut out on to the stage, but Brodus slips on an ice cube and bruises his flub. He cannot continue, so Hornswoggle is put into a No Disqualification match with Ricardo Rodriguez. Hornswoggle frog splashes Ricardo through the announce table and wins.


    Thong bikini contest between Layla, Natalya, Lillian, Vicki, and Rosa. Rosa wins of course.

    Fatal 4 Way for the Intercontinental Championship. Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Hunico vs. Trent Barretta. Hunico wins by pinning Trent Baretta. Cody Rhodes and Big Show cry together while they wonder wtf just happened.


    Johnny Ace comes out on a throne carried by Otunga, Henry, Khali, and Eve. He announces that Christian will face Daniel Bryan for the #1 contenders spot for the WHC next week on Smackdown.

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