Fantasy Booking: Trying to Fix the Garett Bischoff Storyline

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. We all know that the Garett Bischoff storyline has been terrible. It hasn't really gone anywhere, it's hogged way too much screentime, and nothing entertaining has come of it. But through some combination of determination and pure stupidity, I'm going to try to fantasy-book this storyline out of this hole of suckdom it's stuck in.

    As wrestling fans, we've all dreamed of hearing our music play, running out the door and down the ramp to the cheers of thousands of screaming fans. At it's core, this storyline should be about a longtime fan getting his big break in the business and living out our dreams before our eyes despite obstacles such as an overbearing father and an injury in his first real match going against him. It's a great idea for a storyline, if done well. So far it clearly hasn't. It's had way too much exposure, and kept the spotlight off the person it's trying to spotlight with Eric and Hogan stealing the spotlight. And this storyline needs to actually go somewhere, and fast.

    Now keep in mind that this has to have good commentary to work, Tenay and Tazz need to drive home what he achieves each week. And we also don't know if Garett Bischoff can have a good match.

    February 9: (Against All Odds Go Home Show)
    -Short backstage segment where Sting shows confidence in Garett, and books him against the World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.
    -Match is a complete squash in 3 minutes or less. The champ dominates the rookie, as he should. Eric walks out and just says that his son will never make it in the business. His involvement in this storyline helps the feud as long as he doesn't hog the spotlight.

    February 16:
    -Eric comes out to berate his son yet again and laugh at his squash match last week, then Hogan and Garett say they want no more of it. He's ashamed of his father, sick of him berating him week after week and no longer wants to be associated with Eric or even the Bischoff family. Sting approved him being called Jackson James again. Not calling him Bischoff will help get the taste of nepotism out of the mouths of the smart mark fans, and him rebelling against his dad gets the young fans behind him. Eric sets up Jackson James vs. Bully Ray for next week. Segment should take less than 10 minutes.

    February 23:
    -Jackson (with new theme music and Hogan at ringside) vs. Bully Ray. Bully starts trash-talking the young rookie immediately and Garett hip-tosses him to the surprise of everyone, and Ray angrily Bubba-Bombs him with authority for the pinfall. As he's sprawled out, Hogan's telling him what he could have done to prevent that from happening. Later on, Bully walks backstage to meet Bobby Roode for another title shot, and he walks by a clapping Eric. That's all he needs to do.

    March 1:
    -Jackson's main-event jobber role continues, as he tags with Jeff Hardy to face Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. During the entrances, Taz points out how bad of an idea it is throwing the rookie to the wolves again seeing how badly the first two matches went, Hardy starts the match out, avoiding tagging out until near the end of the match when Jackson runs in and gets some nice, crisp offense in on the Bully, enough so to get Bully Ray to tag out to Roode to everyone's surprise. He gets some shots in on the champ before eventually getting his patented arm-drag reversed into a crossface so the champ can get a submission victory. Hogan congratulates him on the mic for the great showing the kid had against the company's best, Eric's given the night off.

    March 8:
    -The kid publically thanks Hogan for all the help he's been helping him improve as a wrestler, and that without him, none of this would be possible. However, he isn't satisfied. He doesn't want to just to give good performances, he wants to win matches. He's here to win championships! So he calls out the TV champion, Robbie E, and they have a match. It's pretty competitive and Jackson James gets his first win in Impact Wrestling! He celebrates with Hogan as Taz and Tenay put him over as going from "referee" to "TV championship contender" within just a few months. Amazing.

    March 15:
    -Victory Road go-home show, Jackson James gets the night off in favor of people who will actually be on the PPV.

    March 22:
    -Jackson takes on Robbie E for the TV title. They fight for 7-8 minutes, until JJ hits his finisher. Eric Bischoff runs out of the crowd and distracts the ref, leading to a pinfall win for Robbie E. Hogan then runs off Eric.

    March 29:
    -He then faces the Pope in one-on-one action, but the Immortal Lapdog, Gunner, runs out and causes a DQ. He grabs a mic and yells for Eric to come out, and they have an exchange about how Jackson's living his dream, and it's making Eric miserable, so Eric's getting Gunner to injure the poor rookie again.

    April 5:
    -The rookie faces another mid-card heel, and has a competitive match with them. Gunner runs into the ring, Jackson throws him back out, and hits his finisher to win the match. Gunner runs in he attacks him, but Eric cheapshots him from behind and they gang up on him. This should establish Jackson as more of a threat, get him more over, and justify him having a spot on the PPV while letting the heel have the final shot.

    April 12 (Lockdown Go-Home Show)
    Jackson vs. Gunner announced for Lockdown, complete with promo where he says that it's always been his dream to be a wrestler. Despite his overbearing father and getting piledrivered him on the concrete in his first real match, he pressed on. He's gotten better every week, and feels like he finally has a foothold in the wrestling business. He wants the fans to try to see things through his eyes... Who of us hasn't wanted to be a wrestler, to walk down the ramp as your entrance music plays, walk past Hulk Hogan in your corner as you climb inside a steel cage, and get ready to face a jackass who injured you, with Ric Flair eyeballing you at you from the other side? I'm living my dream, but maybe you can live your dream through my eyes. (Or words to that effect). And then he leaves. No overbooking, no old people, none of that. Just a reason to care about him going into Lockdown.

    This is the easiest thing in the world to book, yet TNA can't seem to do anything with it despite loads of TV time. I know the internet won't like this idea very much, and it's not very entertaining, but logical booking is what the wrestling organization needs right now. Your comments are welcome.
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  2. I just read it all. Great sense, knowledge and logic. This seems to be a perfect method of getting Garett Bischoff from a "referee" to a "superstar" storyline. This would actually build him up and benefit him a whole lot, if you look at it from a business perspective. I wouldn't mind watching it, as reading it was just awesome - it entertained me believe it or not. I'd love to see something like this done out of the current storyline that he's in.
  3. It's definitely a look on the bright side, though I think the father/son storyline doesn't work for wrestling on any level

    Of course, Vince/Shane did this and got over..... but everything got over in AE

    No knock on your proposal, though
  4. Thanks. I appreciate that, and am glad to contribute to the site. I'm dead curious to see how this storyline plays out, although since it's been going on since BFG with nothing really happening, best not to get your hopes up.

    That's a good point, really the only way it can work is if Eric either gets out of the way, or is there in very small doses to have a consistent heel presence on the TV screen each week. Garett really needs to get away from his dad and blaze his own trail (and change his ring name), right now the whole storyline has such a stench of nepotism hanging over it that nobody can shine. Thanks for reading.
  5. Long story short, I would just fire him. It's painfully obvious that TNA crowds don't give a shit about him.
  6. Very nice read. As a relatively new TNA fan and a incredibly optimistic one considering how WWE is at the moment, seeing segments like last week (think it was last week) with Bischoff Sr and Jr was horrible. Wembley was a really hot crowd but even they were silent for the majority. Your booking could make it interesting to say the least, but I'd much rather them utilize Styles and give him this spotlight instead of Bischoff.

    Your solution is very well written and it makes an interesting read and probably interesting viewing, though I still think it has too much Bischoff and Hogan. The spotlight isn't really on the boy himself, it's more about how Hogan is training him up and helping him and how Eric is trying to ruin it. No one else tired of seeing these two on TNA television? Was the main reason I stopped watching in the first place a year or two back.
  7. Doubt this story is going away due to Eric being executive producer and having so much pull in the creative team. But having two segments on this and no AJ Styles should NEVER happen. Keep watching Impact, Crayo, ever since Bound for Glory it's been an amazing show (ironically, Hogan hasn't been seen since then. Coincidence?)

    Everyone's sick of Hogan and Bischoff! You missed so many long, drawn-out, never-ending, boring ass promos that accomplished absolutely nothing... You have no idea! I'm trying to use Hogan like they're currently using Flair, just let him be there and give the casual fan a reason to care, as well as give pointers at ringside when he rolls out of the ring, tell him things he could have done better, etc. Eric can be good as an antagonist to Garrett accomplishing his dream, but desperately needs to be held in check. Other than the interference that re-introduces Gunner to the storyline, he just needs one cocky, "I told you so" line he can say in under 10 seconds every other week, not two 10-minute self-indulgent promos a week that aren't doing jack-shit.
  8. Yeah fair enough, I'd definitely rather watch what you've written up than Hogan/Bischoff mic segments week in week out, they're both too egoistical to realize that TNA fans don't want to see them anymore. Apart from that segment, Impact was great last week. I think they should get out of the IZ much more to be honest, it's nice to hear a loud crowd like that. There was one thing that confused me, which was pointed out on here, why have Roode vs Storm before Storm vs Ray?

    All that needs to be done is introduce Styles, ween out Hogan & Eric and they have a great show. The X-Division and the Divas-Division are in great shape. Sort of gone off-topic here though. Since this is fantasy booking, anything goes right? I'd love for Styles to bury them all.
  9. Agreed crayo i would to
  10. Agreed again! This was just something I did for fun, it's painfully obvious that Hogan and Bischoff will steal the spotlight, these two and the segments themselves will get way too much TV time, and it'll continue to piss the fans off and the push will continue to fail. Other than these idiots, that was a spectacular show last week.

    Roode vs. Storm was in the middle of the card because Ray vs. Storm had the more dramatic finish to end the show on. Plus, it put Storm over in a huge way. After taking all the champ had to offer, he was still able to go over another title contender in the main event.

    AJ Styles vs. Eric, Garett, and Hogan in a 3-on-1 handicap match. Styles wins in a long squash where he can show off, and these three dopes can have an extended (if not permanent) kayfabe injury vacation off our TV? Now THAT would be good booking.
  11. I'd love the bolded with one change, Samoa Joe in AJ's place. I would kill to see a muscle buster on EB.
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