Fantasy Edition of Smackdown. Do checkout and leave comments.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jerichoholic_007, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Ok. I know, as part of the IWC we are all frustrated with WWE Creative for the mind-numbingly predictive matches, feuds and gimmicks that they have been coming up with lately.

    I figured this was a good opportunity to indulge in a little fantasy booking as it could be a great topic of discussion.

    Do leave your comments as I'm planning a whole story arc for both Smackdown and Raw.


    The show begins with Sheamus coming out to the ring to celebrate his win at Extreme Rules against D-Bryan (Yes!) and Alberrrtoooo Del Rioooooo ( Yawn!). Gets heat from a certain section of the crowd, with some very vocal “YES!” chants but mostly cheers. He talks about how he won the match and gave them both an “arsekicking they are never gonna forget” and all that stuff. D-Bry interrupts him (mixed reaction, lots of yes chants some heat) and tells him that he just got lucky and that he wants one more match. Things get heated up and looks like they are about to brawl when Del Rio makes his entrance (major heat) and stands at the top of the ramp and mocks both of them, and talks about his legacy and blah blah (Yawn) and before long the three of them are squabbling.
    Enter John Laurinaitis to nuclear heat. Accompanied by the sweatered sycophant David Otunga (Lame name for lame sidekick). He talks about the need for the title to be defended regularly and also about the need to decide 1 contender to the title and then says that since he is Mr.Excitement he intends to shake things up a bit and that he has a new idea as to how to determine the contender. He also says that since the 50,000$ fine on Sheamus hasn’t had any effect on Sheamus’s attitude, he needs to be taken down a notch. So he sets up the main event, D-Bry and ADR v. Sheamus in a handicap match. If Sheamus wins, he decides both the contender and the stipulation for their title match at the next pay-per-view.( Lets call it Money in the Bank in this story-arc. ) However, if he loses, the superstar pinning him would be named the No.1 Contender. As he leaves, the three superstars have a staredown which ends with D-Bry giving Sheamus a cheapshot from behind , from which Sheamus recovers and fights back and D-Bry flees.
    Backstage: Sheamus is PISSED. He roams around throwing chairs around knocking tables over.
    Segment 2:
    In the ring, a match is setup between the team of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater and Kofi- Truth. Short match, great atheleticism from all with lots of high-flying moves. Gabriel and Slater pickup the win when Slater uses the ropes to win. (Its part of a feud I started on my Fantasy edition of Raw.)
    Backstage segment: Dolph Ziggler is warming up when Vickie Guerrero w/ Swagger comes to his room to give him some “advice”. He tells her that he doesn’t need “advice” and definitely not from her. Goes on to diss her gets a positive reaction from the crown after that). He tells her she is fired and walks out getting the biggest pop of the night. Vickie is pissed off and asks Swagger to teach him a lesson. She makes a call to the “Funkman” and sets up the match.
    Segment 3:
    Ziggler comes out to a pretty positive reaction. He cuts a scathing promo, trashing everyone from Vickie Guerrero to Swagger to WWE Management and even the audience sitting there (Sorry folks, he’s too damn good as a heel to be anything else) . Says that tonight is the “beginning of the rest of his career”. Compares himself to Mr.Perfect , Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels and says he is as good as them and will be better someday.
    Vickie interrupts him comes out to a ton of heat. (EXCUSE ME!!!) Promises to make Ziggler pay for his ingratitude and his arrogance. Announces that she has a match setup for Ziggler and calls our his opponent. JACK SWAGGER. (not really a big surprise there) . Jack Swagger comes out and the match begins, Swagger gets some power moves in, plays the dominating heel, Ziggler recovers in the middle and is seemingly about to win when swagger picks him up and slams him down on the mat. Gets ready for his run-up-to-the-turnbucke-signature move. As he jumps over Ziggler, out of nowhere, Ziggler gets up and reverses it into the Zig-Zag. 1.2.3 . Win. Post match, Ziggler inflicts a brutal assault on Swagger, takes a mic and declares that he is a whole new superstar, a “Legend in the making” and one day he will be better than Mr.Perfect, Ric Flair and Shawn etc..
    Segment 4:
    Randy Orton comes out to talk about his win at Extreme Rules. He talks about how he is done with these feuds and wants a shot at the title. Suddenly the lights go out and after a while Kane’s pyro explodes. The lights come back on and Kane is behind Orton, he surprises Orton with a quick chokeslam. Paul Bearer appears on the titantron doing his usual shtick creepy voice and all.. shows a casket lying in the background- opens it to show Bob Orton lying in it. The segment ends with Kane standing over Orton laughing manically.
    Backstage segment: D-Bry and ADR talk about the need to co-exist and leave aside their differences in the match,.
    Segment five:
    Sheamus comes out to a more positive reaction than before. ADR (heat) and D-Bry (predominantly heat with some Yes! Chants) also enter. The match begins with ADR and Sheamus. The Great White goes on the aggressive initially but a quick reversal from ADR reverses the tide. D-Bry and ADR double-team him several times with quick tags in and out and Sheamus is considerably weakened. In the end, DEL Rio does his armbar, Sheamus looks like he is about to tap, D-Bry breaks up the move. This triggers an argument between them with them pushing each other, but then D-Bry backs off. Sheamus is back on his feet, attempts to mount a comeback with a double closeline to both, with D-Bry rolling out of the ring. But his comeback fails as ADR recovers somehow, and goes back on the offensive, tries to do a pinfall but D-Bry pulls the referee out of the ring. ADR and D-Bry brawl on the outside, with ADR irish whipping D-Bry on the steps. As he gets back in the ring, he is met with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. 1,2,3. Sheamus wins. Next week: His announcement.
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