Fantasy PPV?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zack Ryder, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. I think there should be more PPV's in WWE. I have some idea's for some.

    1. A PPV with a handicap main event match.
    2. A PPV with an inferno main event match.
    3. A PPV with a Lumberjack main event match.

    I have some other ideas but these are main ones.
  2. We have completely different views on PPVs it seems. I think their should be less (mainly, get rid of one of the ones in October dammit) and I hate most PPVs centered around gimmick matches so all those ideas sound terrible to me. Plus, I don't think most of those matches are entertaining enough to warrant having a PPV centered around them. If I had to choose a gimmick match to center a PPV around, I'd go with the Scramble match. I liked the Scramble match and it's not like WWE has the competency to be able to book one in a way that isn't contrived or overly simple anyway. Don't want that though.

    As for Fantasy PPV I'd actually want though, I made a PPV called Northern Lights for BTB a few years back which gimmick was that every match was a first time match. Not literally for obvious reasons, but some gimmick or stipulation would be added to make repeated matches more interesting. I had some fun with that PPV being able to develop some unique matches and scenarios, booking it, and even playing it out when I transported to my video game feds.
  3. 12-13 PPVs isn't enough?

    I have a hard time seeing WWE being able to put more PPV's on their schedule and people being assed to buy them.
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