Fantasy Wrestling February Leaderboard

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  1. Here is where the points from events are tallied. Points come from Raw, Main Event, Superstars, Smackdown, & Saturday Morning Slam . You can choose the color and name of your brand here as well (first come first serve).

    This is how scoring works.
    Win = +1
    Loss = -1
    Win a championship = +1
    Win Royal Rumble = +1
    Win Money in the Bank = +1
    Win Survivor Series for team = +1
    Win Championship Scramble = +1
    Win Elimination Chamber = +1
    Win Bound For Glory Series = +1

    Recent Results:

    Saturday Morning Slam 2/9/13
    Show Spoiler

    Gabriel def Slater
    Sheamus def Rhodes

    Elimination Chamber
    Show Spoiler

    Del Rio def Show
    Cesaro def Miz
    Swagger def Orton, Henry, Bryan, Kane, & Jericho +1 EC victory
    Shield def Cena, Sheamus, Ryback
    Ziggler def Kofi
    Kaitlyn def Tamina
    Rock def Punk

    Monday Night Raw 2/18/13
    Show Spoiler

    Henry def Cara
    Miz def Cesaro
    Del Rio def Ziggler
    Swagger def Bryan
    Shield def Jericho, Sheamus, & Ryback
    Orton def Kane

    Main Event 2/13/13
    Show Spoiler

    Del Rio def Ziggler

    TNA Xplosion 2/13/13
    Show Spoiler

    James Storm def Kaz

    Superstars 2/14/13
    Show Spoiler

    Gabriel def Titus
    Kaitlyn def Natalya

    TNA Impact 2/14/13
    Show Spoiler

    Magnus def. Christopher Daniels
    Samoa Joe fought Kurt Angle to a NO CONTEST
    Tara, Gail Kim, & Jesse def. The Blossom Twins & Party Marty
    James Storm def. RVD
    Bobby Roode fought Austin Aries to a DRAW

    Smackdown 2/15/13
    Show Spoiler

    Mark Henry def. Randy Orton via DQ
    Tamina Snuka def. Layla
    Brodus Clay and Tensai def. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal
    The Miz def. Cody Rhodes via Submission
    Jack Swagger def. Zack Ryder via Submission
    Big Show def. Chris Jericho

    Stopspot's Impact Spot
    James Storm : 2
    Rob Van Dam : 1
    Velvet Sky

    Total = 3

    Rgbnba's Spanish Power
    Alberto Del Rio : 5
    The Great Khali : 1
    Gail Kim : 1

    Total = 7

    HHHBestHeelEver's Rouges
    Sheamus : 2
    Cody Rhodes : -4
    Miss Tessmacher : 1

    Total = -1

    Senhor Perfect's Team Jackass
    Dolph Ziggler : 0
    Kenny King : -1
    Tara : 0

    Total = -1

    Acailler's NXTacular
    Bobby Roode : 2
    Kane : -4
    Kaitlyn : 2

    Total = --1

    Dat Kid's Jobber Show
    Mark Henry : 3
    Jack Swagger : 8
    Layla : -1

    Total = 10

    Danny Woods' BITW
    Randy Orton : 0
    Daniel Bryan : -4
    Tamina Snuka : -1

    Total = -5

    tgill85's Injustice League of Domination in the New World Order
    Ryback : 0
    Dean Ambrose : 2
    Natalya : -1

    Total = 1

    Gohan's Smackdown
    CM Punk : 0
    Wade Barrett : 0
    AJ Lee

    Total = 0

    [size=x-large]Current Leader(s): Dat Kid[/size]

    This Month's Fantasy Wrestling Award


    Previous General Managers of the Month
    Show Spoiler

    Acailler - GM of the Month December 2012
    Danielson - GM of the Month January 2013

    Last Update: Raw 2/18/13 [/size]

    Main Eventers
    Show Spoiler

    Alberto Del Rio
    Big Show - Drafted to Acallier's Brand
    Brock Lesnar -
    CM Punk - Drafted to Seabs' Brand
    Chris Jericho
    Dolph Ziggler - Drafted to Senhor Perfect's Brand
    John Cena - Drafted to Farooq's brand
    Mark Henry - Drafted to Dat Kid's Brand
    Randy Orton - Drafted to Danny's Brand
    Ryback - Drafted to tgill85's Brand
    Sheamus - Drafted to HHH's Brand
    The Rock - Drafted to Gohan's Brand
    Triple H

    Show Spoiler

    Alex Riley
    Antonio Cesaro - Drafted to Farooq's Brand
    Big E Langston
    Bo Dallas
    Brad Maddox
    Brodus Clay
    Cody Rhodes - Drafted to HHH's Brand
    Curt Hawkins
    Damien Sandow - Drafted to Senhor Perfect's Brand
    Daniel Bryan - Drafted to Danny's Brand
    Darren Young
    David Otunga
    Dean Ambrose - Drafted to tgill85's Brand
    Drew McIntyre
    Evan Bourne
    Ezekiel Jackson
    The Great Khali
    Heath Slater
    Jack Swagger
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso
    Jinder Mahal
    Johnny Curtis
    Justin Gabriel
    Kane - Drafted to Acailler's Brand
    Kofi Kingston
    Mason Ryan
    Michael McGillicutty
    The Miz - Drafted to Dat Kid's Brand
    Paul Heyman
    Rey Mysterio
    Ricardo Rodriguez
    Roman Reigns
    Santino Marella
    Seth Rollins - Drafted to Seabs' Brand
    Sin Cara
    Ted DiBiase
    Titus O'Neil
    Trent Barreta
    Tyson Kidd
    USA Guy
    Wade Barrett - Drafted to Gohan's Smackdown
    William Regal
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Zack Ryder

    Show Spoiler

    AJ Lee - Drafted to Gohan's Brand
    Angelina Love
    Alicia Fox
    Eve - Drafted to Seabs' Brand
    Kaitlyn - Drafted to Farooq's Brand
    Layla - Drafted to From's Brand
    Natalya - Drafted to tgill85's Brand
    Paige - Drafted to Acallier's Brand
    Rosa Mendez - Drafted to HHH's Brand
    Sara Del Rey
    Tamina Snuka - Drafted to Danny's Brand
    Vickie Guerrero - Drafted to Senhor Perfect's Brand

    Standard Rules
    Show Spoiler

    Fanstasy Wrestling is played by chosing two (available) (1 main eventer & 1 mid-carder ) superstars and one (available) diva that are on the WWE roster. Superstars that GM's pick will have their win/loss record monitored for the week on Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, Superstars, & Main Event. For every match your superstar/diva wins you will get +1 and for every match loss you will get -1. A superstar winning a championship, money in the bank, royal rumble, or king of the ring will get an additional point added to your total. Points are totaled up every week and are added together at the end of the month. The person with the highest point tally is GM of the Month.

    You may not pick a superstar someone else has already chosen.
    A draft will be held at the beginning of every month where superstars and divas can be traded for superstars who have not been drafted.
    You can also trade superstars with other GM's at the beginning of every month.
    You can not draft or trade or trade once the 1st week of wrestling is complete.
    If there ever comes a time where there are more GM's than divas, divas will be available for cross-branding.
    In the event of cross-branding the holder of a particular diva has the option of sharing the diva with someone who does not have one and they will recieve a +1 for compensation.

    Advanced Rules
    Show Spoiler

    Keeping Old Superstars

    You can keep your superstars & you do not have to draft. Any superstar you currently hold is not eligible to be picked unless you swap them. You can swap them for a superstar who is currently a "free agent" (no brand attached to them) or you can trade your superstar with another GM.


    Trading is another drafting technique that can be done. If you currently hold a superstar from last months Fantasy Wrestling you can choose to trade that superstar for another superstar who is on another player's brand. You can trade any superstar for another, regardless if they are from different categories (main eventer, mid carder, diva). You can also trade multiple superstars for one superstar.


    If trading isn't your style you can also do selling. Selling has nothing to do with anyone and is your own private choice. If you made a bet with someone or offered someone forum cash for their superstar you could choose to do so. I suggest you do this in PM's and notify me when the selling is complete. Both parties will have to notify me about this of course

    Conditional Drafting

    Lets say a GM has neglected to sign up for this month, this means all there superstars will be placed as free agents. However there is the option of conditional drafting. You can choose to conditional draft, which means if the GM does not sign up before the deadline, their superstars (who ever you picked) will belong to you next month. You can do this at any point of the draft, meaning you do not have to wait your turn to do this, it is on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Declaring my brand's name as "The Jobber Show" and making the color Light Blue
  3. Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Welcome to the December edition of WWEF's Fantasy Wrestling League. We start things off with today's Saturday Morning Slam. Team Hell No get individual wins over 3MB members Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. This places Acallier & Danny at the head of the pack, with both brands holding a member of Team Hell No. With two already seperating themselves from the pack lets see how first week of fantasy wrestling goes.
  4. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    quick question i was ment to ask what if say dean ambrose gets moved into an main eventer would i have to choose a new mid carder or just have 2 main eventers
  5. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Not until next month's draft. If any superstar gets moved to midcarder or main eventer you can still keep them for the remainder of the draft.
  6. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Hells Yeah!
  7. Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

  8. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard <- click that & go pick your main eventer, mid carder, and diva.

    Quickly Gohan Runnnnnn! :cornette:
  9. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    there only del rio who lose to cena by a fuckin leg drop yet really main event!? NOT! And Undertaker who dippepert after winning WM28! I SHOULD BEEN IN THE REALL DRAFLT U KNEW I WANT IN AS I MADE THREAD! SO STOP SAYING U DID NOT!
  10. Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Randy that there is the real draft. You have only yourself to blame for not seeing it earlier. It's not like they've been hiding it. Work with the cards you've been dealt. There is no need to start a fight over this.
  11. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Well what's done is done my friend. Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart, we hope to see you again :otunga:
  12. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    I WAS THE ONE WHO POST THE THREAD OF THE FANTASY THING RETARD SO YES HE DID NOW I WANT IN SO! Trust me we do this same fantasy thing on another site and I am in it he knew I want in and just did not get fuck! And I even told I the other site i want in and he was bitch and did not care! That what I piss off at him right!
  13. Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Had you just partook in the regular draft there wouldn't be a problem. Just draft now since he has offered you the wrestlers who are still up for grabs.
    There really is no need to start a fight over this.
  14. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    wrestler that suck! ownly main evnt are taker who been out of wwe since WM28 and Del Rio who lose to cena by a FUCKIN LEG DROP! NOT A MAIN EVENT ANYMORE!
  15. Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    No one is to blame for those wrestlers being the only ones you can pick other than you. You could have been apart of this draft from the moment it started and had more picks to chose from. Again, they did not hide this from you it's been out in plain sight since it started and Dat Kid has advertised it alot.

    You've been dealt a shitty hand, but it's the hand you have to play. The others shouldn't have to redo all this just because you are angry.
  16. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Don't bother, I've been at this with him for a couple days. Thanks though Stop
  17. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    did u hear what i said kid injore the fact that I did sign up! I post on thread were I post to crayo the boss that if we do i want in! and kid knew anyway as i told on the othe site! And I also told before put me in the real draft I will just pick last and he injore me and was bitch and said just waint inless the summeral and I no just do it this and he just injore and i the PM TO PROVE IT! So don't said it was faurt it Was it was FUCKIN WAS HIS!
  18. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Gohan...have you ever been raped by japanese octopus? :ksi:
  19. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

  20. RE: Fantasy Wrestling December Leaderboard

    Urge to kill....rising.
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