Fantasy Wrestling January Sign Up, Rules, & Draft Order

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Post here to sign up for next month. If you do not sign up by 1/1/13 you will be not be able to participate in this month's fantasy wrestling. Also If you have superstars from last month's fantasy wrestling and you do not sign up you will lose all of your superstars.

    Standard Rules
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    Fanstasy Wrestling is played by chosing two (available) (1 main eventer & 1 mid-carder ) superstars and one (available) diva that are on the WWE roster. Superstars that GM's pick will have their win/loss record monitored for the week on Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, Superstars, & Main Event. For every match your superstar/diva wins you will get +1 and for every match loss you will get -1. A superstar winning a championship, money in the bank, royal rumble, or king of the ring will get an additional point added to your total. Points are totaled up every week and are added together at the end of the month. The person with the highest point tally is GM of the Month.

    You may not pick a superstar someone else has already chosen.
    A draft will be held at the beginning of every month where superstars and divas can be traded for superstars who have not been drafted.
    You can also trade superstars with other GM's at the beginning of every month.
    You can not draft or trade or trade once the 1st week of wrestling is complete.
    If there ever comes a time where there are more GM's than divas, divas will be available for cross-branding.
    In the event of cross-branding the holder of a particular diva has the option of sharing the diva with someone who does not have one and they will recieve a +1 for compensation.

    Advanced Rules
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    Keeping Old Superstars

    You can keep your superstars & you do not have to draft. Any superstar you currently hold is not eligible to be picked unless you swap them. You can swap them for a superstar who is currently a "free agent" (no brand attached to them) or you can trade your superstar with another GM.


    Trading is another drafting technique that can be done. If you currently hold a superstar from last months Fantasy Wrestling you can choose to trade that superstar for another superstar who is on another player's brand. You can trade any superstar for another, regardless if they are from different categories (main eventer, mid carder, diva). You can also trade multiple superstars for one superstar.


    If trading isn't your style you can also do selling. Selling has nothing to do with anyone and is your own private choice. If you made a bet with someone or offered someone forum cash for their superstar you could choose to do so. I suggest you do this in PM's and notify me when the selling is complete. Both parties will have to notify me about this of course

    Conditional Drafting

    Lets say a GM has neglected to sign up for this month, this means all there superstars will be placed as free agents. However there is the option of conditional drafting. You can choose to conditional draft, which means if the GM does not sign up before the deadline, their superstars (who ever you picked) will belong to you next month. You can do this at any point of the draft, meaning you do not have to wait your turn to do this, it is on a first come first serve basis.

    Signed Up:
    Senhor Perfect - 3 Draft Picks
    Dat Kid From Jersey - retaining Henry & Miz - 1 Draft Pick
    tgill85 - retaining Ryback, Layla, & Ambrose - Not Drafting
    Seabs - 3 draft picks
    Farooq - retaining Cesaro & Cena - 1 Draft Pick
    Acallier - retaining Big Show - 2 Draft Picks
    Danielson - retaining Orton, Bryan, & Tamina - Not Drafting
    Gohan - 3 draft picks
  2. Fantasy Wrestling January Sign Up & Draft Order

    I'll give it a whirl.
  3. Dat Kid Signing up and retaining Mark Henry & The Miz from last months Fantasy Wrestling
  4. Do I pick my guys now, or are you going to come up with a draft order?
  5. There'll be a separate thread for drafting after I post the draft order here.
  6. ill sign up again can i keep layla and ryback
  7. In for the kill.
  8. in fact ill keep all 3 if i can
  9. Who's the 3rd guy?
  10. Farooq signing up and retaining Antonio and John Cena
  11. Sign me up!
  12. Bumping this so i don't get complaints about people not knowing this existed
  13. Ughh I'm in still

    and i keep all my superstars

  14. Are you keeping any of your superstars from last month?
  17. Big Show only.
  18. when the draft and what the draft order?
  19. You will all be receiving a PM momentarily and I will ask you for your draft picks. I'm doing it this way so things can move faster.
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