Fantasy Wrestling?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. [size=x-large]I have am idea that Dat Kid From Jersey came up with on Asteroid Forums Site would like to do a fantasy wrestling it like fantasy football except you'd be like the GM of a brand. But each participant would get to choose two superstars and one diva. We would see who is in the lead at the end of every month, and then the next mouth do a new draft I think we should be alot to keep 1 wrestler or diva from the last month but that it and then we do the draft over again and play all over again. Each month the winner get a GM of the Month Award. What do you said big all boss Crayo? :yes:?[/size]​

  2. The suggestion is rather vague, but if somebody could be bothered to organise(sp) it then yeah, it'd be pretty fun.
  3. Your idea my fucking ass! You stole that shit from asteroid, it's my idea. :mad:

    Excuse my language.

    If you guys want to put this on the forum I will gladly give you the rules & details on how to play it, as I was the one to create it.
  4. LOL did not know u were WF? But I was suggtion if that wanted to do here if i have know u were on the site i would just put idea out there.
  5. But wouldn't the people with Cena, Sheamus and Orton just constantly win?
  6. Yeah you need to elaborate more Sandy, would certain guys cost certain points or something?
  7. not really b/c it work like this if a guy on raw that 1 point if he wrestler on SD the same week as raw and lose he lose a point so if if wrestler 2 time in a week and won 1 and lose 1 he would be u wrestler would be at 0 at the end of that week.
  8. It's a nice concept but I don't think people will be interested.
  9. Awesome idea, Gohan. You are very creative.
  10. My point was, you can easily pick the stars that always win (Punk, Cena, Sheamus) and have a pretty dominant run. What about the users left with stars like Tyson Kidd, Santino, Ryder, etc?
  11. people on the asteroid forum site like it.
  12. Crayo I don't normally ask for favors, but could you not include this on your forum. It's the only thing Sack's site has that this site doesn't. If not, I'll gladly give you the layout, but I really would appreciate the favor.

    I have a system the counteracts the people who always win.
  13. In fairness, he has just stolen all the members from here, so I think this one idea could be taken in return (and adjusted so that it is different).
  14. No offence but I don't care about Sack's site at all... that site has many "similarities" with ours so rejecting what could possibly be a good idea because of that forum is not happening.

    I do want more information however, as at the moment it sounds rather easy to win if you pick the top 3.
  15. well u in the 1st round u get to pick a main star Punk,Cena,Shumus,Orton, etc oh and that count for Brock and Taker even though that part time then 2nd round is mid card kidd, Sin Cara, Rodes, Etc And Kane and Brayn go in there even that from World Chmapion just b/c of how that used then the 3rd round could be well the divas. And we rodaon do the draft order so it fair.
  16. :okay:

    Official Fantasy Wrestling Rules
    Show Spoiler

    Dat Kid's Fantasy Wrestling Instructions
    Fanstasy Wrestling is played by chosing two (available) (1 main eventer & 1 mid-carder ) superstars and one (available) diva that are on the WWE roster. Superstars that GM's pick will have their win/loss record monitored for the week on Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, Superstars, & Main Event. For every match your superstar/diva wins you will get +1 and for every match loss you will get -1. A superstar winning a championship, money in the bank, royal rumble, or king of the ring will get an additional point added to your total. Points are totaled up every week and are added together at the end of the month. The person with the highest point tally is GM of the Month.

    You may not pick a superstar someone else has already chosen.
    A draft will be held at the beginning of every month where superstars and divas can be traded for superstars who have not been drafted.
    You can also trade superstars with other GM's at the beginning of every month.
    You can not draft or trade or trade once the 1st week of wrestling is complete.
    If there ever comes a time where there are more GM's than divas, divas will be available for cross-branding.
    In the event of cross-branding the holder of a particular diva has the option of sharing the diva with someone who does not have one and they will recieve a +1 for compensation.

    We might have to do it differently since there's more active members here. I'm referring to Main eventers, some might have to share, but i can work out the logistics easily.
  17. How about you set up a table every month saying how much everybody is worth. For example, if Cena wins you get 1 point, whereas, if Tyson Kidd wins you get 5? Again, would take some time for somebody to organise but could work. If we all agree on rules then I'd be happy to try and run it.
  18. I can run it.
  19. :downer: Gohan is bound to give you plans anyway so i posted em'. Skype me so i can go over things about the game with you. It's easier and quicker than posting here.
  20. Cool, was just saying I could if they wanted.
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