Fantasy wrestling!

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  1. Man i miss the times where they were popular, i'd love too if this forum made a completely new forum section for Fantasy Wrestling, man so many would be joining this forum.

    If anyone doesn't know what Fantasy Wrestling is:

    More information of a WWE Forum having Fantasy wrestling:
    Could learn alot of from them if you don't know how it works.


    Information i found on a site:
  2. It's already been suggested before and will be implemented when we have more users.
  3. Lol...all my beautiful thoughts have already been suggested, what a disgrace. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    We do have a decent amount of users for it don't we?
  4. They'll probably implement it around 250 to 300 users, buddy :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Yeah wanted to know how many would be interested. You could edit this thread with a poll and have voting options for yes/no :emoji_slight_smile:.
  6. Done!
  7. Bringing this back from the dead,
    We have enough users LETS HAVE SOME FANTASY WRESTLING!
  8. Patience my friend! :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. What is this?
  10. I'd be interested I guess
  12. Well there is a lot of different variations on the wiki page.. I read through it but also was wondering what the set up/guidelines would be if we were to start an E-Fed of our own
  13. What would we book? A single wrestler or the entire show?


    An example of a wrestling forum having Fantasy Wrestling, you can check the link out to see how it really works.
  15. Looks like a shit load shit of to go over. If you could just hit the main points for me I'd much appreciate it. I mean, you are going to have to explain the rules to everyone if and when this gets off the ground anyway right?
  16. Well, can someone explain? There's tons of information in wikipedia which I won't read.
  17. So we each create a wrestler. What would stop us all going on a big streak of wins like @[Goldberg] did in the late 90's. If we were to do this I personally would rather it be like a creative team when we work on each show. We can write segments for different characters rather then controlling one. Even have some brand warfare if enough people are interested.
  18. I was under the impression that we make our character but then there is a booker? Not that we book our own guys.

    I'm still fuzzy on how it would work. The link to the E-Fed already in full swing doesn't do much to help me understand how things actually work. If you turn on a basketball game for someone who has never heard of the sport and say 'see, that's how it goes' it's not going to help them know whats going on
  19. Staff of the board decides the matches and books them and also writes them.

    For the wins/losses = - Superstar #1 gets number one and Superstar #2 gets number two, the number that the service generates is the winner of the match.

    For promos and segments we could write them like "Randy orton calls out Daniel Bryan" etc..

    Basic Fantasy Wrestling Forum:

    It is very basic i think you should check it out.

    1.Pick a wrestler, since this is a WWE friendly forum we could go with WWE superstars etc..
    2.Booker books matches for PPVs and shows, writes the matches posts it, the winner is declared by a random service such as
    3.Write your own promos/segments like "Randy Orton calls out Daniel Bryan" then you two have to roleplay it together or it may be so that the booker chooses to write the promos/segments himself it is all up to the staff of WWEForums.
    4.It goes on and on..

    That's how i see it however this is all up to the staff members of this community.
    It is really easy to understand..
  20. Just had a read of the link and I kind of get it now.