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  1. This is a thread onto where I'll be doing music reviews, whether it'll be of full albums like Master of Puppets, As Daylight Dies, or Nevermind, or even songs such as Fight the Power, Glass Shatters, a bitch is a bitch or Slither. Any song or album you want me to review just post on here. Now to get started with my first review, it's going to be an album, a famous album by the name of Appetite for Destruction. You guys can ask for reviews on this thread and I'll post them here. An album will take a day or two, and a song will take a few hours to review. My reasons for doing reviews; 1. I enjoy listening to new music and is interested on what you guys have to offer, 2. I am taking music class, so looking up music that made milestones in history(musical or not) will help, and 3. I wanna learn as much as I can about music.

    Now to start;
    Band name: Guns N' Roses(GnR)
    Album: Appetite For Destruction
    Genre: Rock/Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
    Year: 1987
    Label: Geffem Records
    Lineup: Axl Rose(All lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion), Slash(lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitar), Izzy Strandlin(Rhythm, and lead guitar, backing vocals, and percussion), Duff McKagan(Bass guitar, backingvocals), and Steven Adler(drums)
    Songs in album: 12
    Rating I give: 10/10
    Reason: Every song on here, from Welcome to the Jungle to Rocket Queen is full of pure rock. You have everything from this album, from real life experiences, from songs like Mr. Brownstone, and Out ta get me, to stuff they love like Nightrain, and even love songs like Think about you and Sweet Child O' Mine. It is one of the best albums ever and is worth listening to from start to finish. With this album you can feel like a badass listening to It's so easy, then wanting to chill and have a good time listen to Paradise City, f you feel like rocking out go to You're Crazy, you want a song that's badass yet sweet? Go to Rocket Queen, want a straight up song with straight up meaning, turn up Anything Goes, want a story? Go to My Michelle. Every song on here I say everyone should give a chance to.

    Now to review each song by itself:

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    1. Welcome to the Jungle-One of the most popular rock songs ever. It has a amazing intro, you know when you hear the echoing guitar and police sirens shit is about to go down. It has great vocals(yes it's about drugs), and the instrumental is great. The guitars have that nice hard rock sound, with combination of Slash using the echo pedal in a good way. The drums are good, not really anything exceptional, but it goes great with the song, and the bass is badass on this song. And that scream Axl does is perfect in the song.

    2. It's So Eazy- Nice intro in combination of the bass and guitar, Izzy and Axl did a good job with combination of the vocals. The guitars went with the flow of the song great giving it an amazing sound. The drumming in this song was a lot better then in Welcome to the Jungle, it was very good and loud. The bass was more heard on this song, and it got the intro so that was pretty good. The vocals were complete badass, awesome, and could give you a chuckle. "You get nothing for nothing if that's what you do, turn around bitch I got a use for you, BESIDES you don't got anything better to do and I'm bored!"-part of the song.

    3. Nightrain- This one had a great intro with the drums being first, then the guitar taking it from there. If you love hard rock guitars, then this song is one you'll want to listen to. The song is about an alcoholic drink named Nightrain the band use to drink(since it was very very cheap but good tasting). The vocals are pretty good in this song, they are at their best during the prechours though. The guitar solo in this song is great and it's a long one, and the outro is instrumental. The drumming on this song is great too, and the bass can barely be heard since both lead and ryhthm guitars are loud as fuck.

    4. Out ta get me-This song is mainly on the vocals. The vocals are very good and loud, while maintaining the album's trademark of badassness. The intro is a combination of drums and guitar. The vocals are nice having some back vocals used a lot on this song too. The drums are decent, like Welcome to the Jungle outside the intro they don't really stand out. The guitars are great, they go with the flow if the song, and the solo is nice.

    5. Mr. Brownstone- The intro is first starting off with drumming and bass before the guitars slide in and the vocals come out. The vocals are great and simple. The guitars are't as loud as the other songs, but they are still very good, The backing vocals are nice to, not used to much. The solo is pretty good, not as good as the other songs, but still a good thing to give a chance to. The song is based off of Slash and Duff's addictions of brown heroine.

    6. Paradise City- Another one of GnR's famous songs, Paradise city has a nice melodic intro before hitting starting to hit giving it their rock sound. The outro is a straight out rocking out ending, with all instruments loud as fuck. The vocals are nice, they aren't loud and go with the flow if the instruments, and the chorus's backing vocals are very good too. The guitars are nice on this song, going from melody to rock, to melody, to rock once more. The bass is good keeping a nice grove with the song. The drums are decent except for the intro and outro where they sound badass.

    7. My Michelle-Now if you're wondering why I said this was a story earlier, it's because this song is based of a real person named Michelle Young who was Slash's girlfriend. This song is completely true about her life, Axl even showed her the song and everything. This song has a much darker song then the rest, The guitars are more darker in this song, but still soung great. The vocals are loud and give it that nice hard rock voice. The drums are decent. The bass is pretty nice here.

    8. Think about You- Think song is beautiful. It's a love song but formed with hard rock instrumental background. There's guitars throughout the whole song that's loud and nice. The drums are pretty good, better then decent here. The bass sounds good, has a nice groove. The vocals are nice and sweet, something kinda better then what you would expect from hearing the hard rock instruments.

    9. Sweet Child O' Mine- Best song of the album hands down,The song starts off with a nice sweet guitar solo, then the drums and second guitar hit and we go into the nice vocals. This song is more melodic then the others, and the guitars go with the song perfectly. The drums are nice especially during the back vocalling part near the end. The bass once again goes great with this song. If you have someone you love and want to dedicate a song to them, this song is perfect!

    10.You're Crazy-It's a nice song song to rock out to. It's very loud and badass. The vocals on this song have badass lyrics but sometimes hard to hear because the instruments are loud as fuck. The guitars have a nice loud hard rock sound to them and have a badass solo. The drumming is great on here to keep up with the high tempo of this song, and the bass is great to be able to keep up and sound good!

    11. Anything Goes- This song is straight up about one thing: Having sex with a virgin. It's so clear, the song is saying Axl wants to have sex with a horny virgin anyway she wants it, up against the wall, on the floor, tied down or even tied up.(cough BONDAGE cough). The guitars are nice and loud, during the solo the guitar goes from left to right of the speaker a couple of times which gives me a good chuckle. The drums are nice on here as so with the bass. The vocals are great and of course have the badass sense to them.

    12. Rocket Queen- This song is amazing. Starting out as a loud hard rock song that's badass, and ending as a melody that's sweet, this song is unique. The drums are badass here taking part of the intro and being loud here. The guitars are awesome and go with the flow perfectly and having a great solo. The bass is nice sounding being able to go with the flow nicely. The vocals are amazing with badass, crazy, and sweet meaning, as also having sexual moaning during the guitar solo.

    This was my first album review ever, so if you guys didn't like it please tell me my mistakes.
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  2. I go to sleep now but i come here fist thing tomoeow!!!
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  3. :yes::yes::yes: Okay Thank you Mr. McMahon :yes::yes::yes:
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  4. Please do Hurt but not the nine inch nails one the Johnny Cash version its almost always stuck in my head!
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  5. [​IMG]
    Song: Hurt
    Artist: Johnny Cash(Originally by Nine Inch Nails)
    Genre: Rock, Country
    Year: 2003
    Rating: 10/10
    Review: This song is an amazingly powerful song that can make anybody cry. His voice and guitar combination, and the lyrics are just beautiful. It's a breathtaking song and even Trent Reznor said himself that this version was on another level then his. If you remember the Eddie tribute, this was the song used, and if you haven't heard this song you need to, it's amazing.
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  6. Review the albums The 59 sound and American slang by the Gaslight Anthem.
  7. Thanks
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  8. You're welcome, and if anybody has a request, please post it here.
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  10. Do Deftones Diamond Eyes (the album)
  11. I used to listen to Guns & Roses when I was a kid.

    Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet O' child of mine, paradise city, and night train were the best songs for me at that time. Haven't listened for a long time but I still remember those lyrics.
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  12. Ok I'll start off with Vince, then I'll do one of Stop's albums, then Kane's album, then the other album, and I'll tag you guys if no one else has posted when I'm done. And those four songs Some up my life Hoss.
  13. [​IMG]
    Song: A little piece of heaven
    Band: Avenged Sevenfold(A7X)
    Genre: Avant-Garde Metal(take anything with Avant-Garde serious -3-)
    Year: 2008
    Album: Avenged Sevenfold(self titled album)
    Rating: 9/10
    Reason Now this kind of genre is unique and hard to get used to if you don't listen to it a lot. It's an experimental type of music. Now this song is humorous and dark since it's about A man who proposes to the woman he loves, she laughs at his face, so out of anger he kills her. He loved her so much though so he fucked her dead body. She eventually gets her body back and kills him the same way he killed her. Then in the afterlife(irony that there's a song in the same album called afterlife) they fall in love once more and they get married. Now this song is fucking weird, I'm not going to lie, the first time I heard it I was "what the fuck is this?" But it is good. The lyrics are graphic, but they don't bullshit around. It's straight to the point and the instruments are very good. It sounds like something you would hear on broadway. It is pretty weird though, it is worth a great dong to listen to still, so it's worth a shot to listen to this song a few times and get used to the insanity for some good music.
    @[Vince McMahon]
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  14. THA Carter 4.
    Every song is different and the best music.
  15. Show Spoiler

    I never pay attention to song lyrics lol. I had no idea thats what it's about!

  16. [​IMG]
    Album 59 Sound
    Band: The Gaslight Anthem
    Genre: Folk punk, punk rock, indie rock
    year: 2008
    Label: SideOneDummy
    Tracks: 12(including 1 bonus track)
    Rating: 9/10
    Reason: This is a very good album, no it's great. I'm not really into indie rock or punk rock, but this album was amazing. It has a retro sound to it, and each song is unique. I'm surprised bands like that aren't up in the big leagues, because those songs touched me the first time I heard them(especially Great Expectations, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and Meet Me by the River's Edge). The instrumental in the songs are good and keep the flow going, but also not sounding the same on every track, the lyrics are touching, and vocals are great. If you're into Rise Against, or any other punk rock music this one album is one you should check out.
    (I won't be reviewing each song due to having to review each song, but if you want me to review the songs just ask) @[StopSpot]
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  17. Review is cool. They are fairly big league. They are from the same town as Bruce Springsteen and he is a major fan of them so they have co headlined tours with the boss himself. With Bruce joining them for songs like the 59 sound live.
  18. Yeah but they should be bigger, I'd rather listen to these guys anyday then what the radio shoves down my throat, and the charts ram up my ass for a bad musical painful rape.
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  19. Enjoy one of the most epic live performances I've seen. Look at the joy on the singers face. :yay:
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  20. Fozzy's Chasing the Grail! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    I loved the whole album, but I wanna hear other people's opinion about it. :emoji_wink:)
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