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OH IT'S REAL! IT'S DAMN REAL! :4/10: This thread is gonna be more popular than IGN with water.

They'll all be short stories, you noobs, and I'll label them truthfully with tags of video games. [E] for everyone, which means you ancients(mainly Senhor) can read to the entire family. [T] for teen, for when I just wanna throw in some good ole teen stuff or whatever. [M] for mature, 100% to have sexual content with whips and chains, you'd almost think this was a Judas Priest music video! Of course next to the rating will be the title to the story, so you vanilla midgets know what to expect!

Now I know what you're thinking, "Damn why is Farooq so damn sexy?" "Why is Dat Kid making fan fics?" "DAT ASS THO!" "What kind of fan fics will he make?" Now I won't answer all them, but I'll answer the last two. My ass is grand, and you can expect video game fan fics, wrestling fan fics, hell even these forums fan fics or just random stuff. This is gonna be 5 stars! So to kick it off, here's something tasty.

The protection of a sister [T]
As the sun rose in the land of trucks and honey, a white male began to rise from his bed. Wearing white stained underwear, the man began to put on jeans, and a white tank top. He stretched a bit, looking over to his Metal Gear poster before yawning. "Good goly, I wish I was black." He said, before suddenly hearing his mother call him. "Shadow! Get yo pale ass ovah here boy!" She yelled. The man would quickly make his way over to where his mother was, putting on his trucker hat.

"Now boy, I need ya to take ya sista to school! Don't let any messicans, any japasians or the worst, blacks get near her. Got that? We don't need no uneducated ni****** in the family." She said, before Shadow nodded his head. "Alright ma, I'll make sure to keep her virginity for the white man." Shadow would reply. His sister, waiting by the door wearing short shorts, a tight shirt and tennis, just the way I like 'em. He would open the door, his sister walking out as Shadow got his trusty shotgun out.

The two siblings would walk down the street, soon already being encountered. It was a bisexual female, the death to their bane of lives she would be. Shadow didn't know that she was bisexual. "I LOVE MY LITTLE PONY AND TUMBLR!" She yelled, the fear soon striking into his eyes. He cocked his shotgun and shot her in the chest. Shadow knew that all Tumblr users were either gay, bisexual or some weird ass shit, and had to keep his sister safe from any non white person, plus God hates fags.

Soon they were approached by a man wearing a New York Giants jersey. He reeked of alcohol, getting close to Shadow and his sister. Shadow was impressed, a true redneck coming to hit on his sister. Someone he could be proud to call brother in law, even if he was fan of a northern team. "Sup babe, how about I fuck you right in the stinker." He said, Shadow even more proud of this male. His sister, disgusted would slap the man. "Oh what?! You don't like woods in your shitter?! You took our land as Native Americans now this?!" Soon fear struck Shadow, he realized this male wasn't white. He pushed his sister aside, soon cocking his shotgun again and diving back as he fired at the male, killing him as Shadow landed on top of his sister. "It's not Friday night! Get off!" She said, shoving Shadow away.

Soon, the biggest threat came by. His eyes could see it, a car with rims bigger than his neighbor's belly, music louder than the biggest truck engine ever... "Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at?!" The song blasted from the car that came before Shadow. Soon two black people lowering their window, looking exactly the same to some white people even though they look complete different. "Hey babe, you got a flat ass." One said, before Shadow took out his shotgun again. He muttered a word that rhymed with trigger, and took a shot at them. They both ducked, quickly jumping out of the car. One of them threw a pinata at Shadow, the other going for the charge. As Shadow brushed off the attack from the pinata, he would aim at the charging male. Soon the man ripped his clothes off, only wearing a thong. Shadow, ashamed as he could see the bulge that signaled the BBC Broadcasting service, a network bigger than his own would hesitate to fire.

As Shadow was distracted, the other would soon climb the car, and jump off. He did a front flip, landing on Shadow. The other male would walk while twerking towards Shadow. Soon, the two males would, taking the shotgun. "Finally we'll get to have sex!" They cheered, as the male who was fully clothed aimed his shotgun at Shadow. Soon a bullet fired....but it went through the men who had defeated Shadow's heads. Suddenly, footsteps could be heard. A hand would extend, pulling Shadow onto his feet. The man was white, very very white. "Who...who are you...?" Shadow asked, amazed at his white Savior. "Dis iz Gohan 6425! N I havs kitty, cen I tuch ur sesters titty??" The male asked. Shadow amazed, not only was he brave and bold, but much smarter than anyone he ever knew. Shadow's sister wrapped her arms around Gohan 6425, kissing him deeply. A tear dropped from Shadow's eye, he may never get to have sex with his sister again, but at least she found happiness.

The three finally arrived at Shadow's sister school, the journey finally coming to an end. The End.

@Smoke as Shadow
@Shadow's sister as Shadow's sister
@Lady Deathbane as asian woman
@Danny Woods as native american guy
@Farooq the Big Boss as black guy with thong
@Dat Kid as Black guy with pinata
@Randy Savage as Gohan 6425

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