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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. How about I choose a promo each day from the past and post it here, then leave comments and post promos of your own that you enjoy? :yay:

    Here's mine for today, one with Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, and Debra. Even RVD is in here :yes:

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  2. How have I never seen this before? This was awesome, Kurt was hilarious back in the day. Favorite part was at 2:38 to like 2:45. Loved this.
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  3. I was honestly waiting for a stunner for the entire video :haha: made me very anxious, and everytime Stone Cold came back I expected him to hit Kurt.
  4. Favourite time in SCSA's career
  5. Joey Styles when he quit WWE. Is mine today :yay:

    I caught it interesting since he put so much emotion and talked about the wrestling itself. He is my favorite commentary also, so that helps me like this :otunga:
  6. Seems a gay scene...
  7. That's only the beginning.
  8. I know, Kurt and Austin looked like a gay couple "I love you, I love you too man"
  9. But Kurt said it....
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    With a broken friggin neck! :neymar2:
  10. He really looked like damn I need a dark room and we'll go there :ksi:
  11. Styles is my favorite commentator too. That promo is actually really nostalgic for me. If this wasn't the first promo I caught on Raw, it's one of the first.
  12. That was one of my favorites actually. I enjoyed it, from start unto end. Styles showed so much emotion in his voice and actions, it was all done perfectly.
  13. Here's mine for today, the confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold Steve Austin :yay:
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    I caught this one interesting because it showed that all the wrestlers of Smackdown respected Stone Cold more then they feared the power of Lesnar/Heyman. They knew Stone Cold wasn't there to invade them or cause any trouble, he just wanted to reclaim what was him. He took a stand, and he proved that's all he wanted by showing up by himself. The fight between Lesnar/Stone Cold was also something that added as great as well.
  14. Kurt was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny back in the day.
  15. Getting this promo out early. Next one is one between John Cena and King Booker :yay:

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    Today is when CM Punk dressed up as Jeff Hardy after CM Punk defeated Jeff in a career match :yay: I love the people's reaction, and how they fall for the disguise :haha:

  17. Today is a short one :pity: Just Stone Cold talking trash with throwing Rock's Intercontinental championship belt off the bridge :haha:
  18. :YAY: When the IC title mattered. I was pretty upset when he did that tbh, lol.
  19. This shows what an awesome feud Austin/Brock could have been if they had done it right back in 2002 or if Austin hadn't been forced into retirement because of his neck.

    Kinda funny that this is my favorite moment of the Brock/Goldberg feud considering this segment wasn't even Brock against Goldberg.
  20. .................................................... ....................................... :emoji_grin:AMN:!
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