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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 23, 2015.

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  1. More specifically talking about the crowd during the main event. I skimmed through the rest of the show so I didn't really pick up on crowd tendencies, but many are bitching about them not popping harder for Orton, but I find that endearing.

    The part of the card I did watch in its entirety, the main event, the crowd was very hot by what I heard coming over my lap top. Now, there is a thread on another lamer site talking about how shit the crowd was.

    What did you guys think? I thought it was about split evenly between Reigns and Bryan fans, and it went over well. We had dueling "Let's go Bryan/Ro-man Reigns!" chants. Bryan had yes chants, but you could also hear no's and boos. Reigns got boo'd a couple of times, but also got cheered when he won.

    Personally I think the marks over on wrestlingforum are mad that the crowd didn't bury Reigns/prop up Bryan like they wanted, so they decide to shit on the crowd. I also think people come into shows with a Southern crowd expecting the worst. Also, Southern crowds tend to sit on their hands when boring shit happens instead of chanting random shit like a UK or East Coast crowd, and marks love random crowd chants (I personally find them annoying and would rather hear a nice "boring" chant if things are boring)

    So was the crowd actually dead for the ME and I'm tripping balls or what?
  2. The crowd wasn't dead for the ME, certainly not. It wasn't the biggest reaction either, but it wasn't like the crowd was dead or anything.

    Don't ever go on wrestlingforum, pls no.
  3. Only a quarter of the crowd was into the Stardust/Goldust match (but can't really blame them I suppose), but they showed up in some of the other matches like the main event.
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  4. Crowd was off and on all night. For some matches/wrestlers they were hot, but for some they were dead. They were good for the Rusev match IMO (would also recommend you watch that match D'Z, was a good one). But for example Ziggler got a much smaller pop than I expected, same with Ryback's feed me more chant. Ambrose also got a smaller reaction than expected.
  5. Only paid attention during ME. They seemed uneasy like the RR crowd but when the match ended they accepted it. I felt the same way watching at home.
  6. I googled "Roman Reigns bleeds a lot" because I noticed how often he gets busted up... it led me to the thread I'm talking about. I don't go there on purpose usually
  7. Fuck Rusev. Don't give a shit about him. Couldn't even if I tried.
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  8. The crowd was definitely in and out, yes the Randy Orton return wasn't really popping but it also wasn't dead when he came in.. Perhaps if he had actually gotten his hands on Seth Rollins at the moment it may have gotten a much bigger reaction but I cheered for it.
  9. I only watched glimpses of Rusev/Cena and watched Reigns/Bryan. I actually thought the crowd was pretty shit.
  10. you probably mark for douchey crowds that chant for announcers and shit though
  11. Nah
  12. I thought the crowd was pretty lively considering where they were. Most of the crowds down south(excluding Florida) are silent unless there's some really good content, or if a WCW alumni is involved. I'd say Sting had the loudest reaction of the night but even that wasn't explosive.
  13. It felt kinda meh. I feel like they could have been more lively, but that's just my opinion on the matter. I keep forgetting it's a WWE crowd.
  14. They were fine for the main event but they were pretty quiet throughout the night. It hurt the show somewhat imo.
  15. What outside of the Main Event was worth getting excited over? The entire Fastlane PPV was mailed in except for HHH/Sting and DB/RR. I guess you can say it was weird they didn't care more about Sting, especially being in the home of TNA + old WCW territory... but other than that, would YOU have popped for any of that other trash? I wouldn't.
  16. lol Tennessee crowds, stop going there plz
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  17. Crowd was fine, acoustics were shitty.
  18. I myself wouldn't have popped for much, but there was stuff like Orton's return, Taker's teased return and Cena losing via submission are examples of stuff that would most likely have gotten bigger reactions had there been another crowd. Idk if there were acoustics problems or whatnot but this crowd did seem below average as far as reacions.
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  19. Not all arenas translate the crowd reactions equally to TV.
  20. I actually thought Sting had one of the weakest. I barely heard a pop at all when he made his way to the ring and only a moderate reaction when he put the bat to Triple H's throat. Bryan's entrance for me probably came off the loudest.
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