Fast Lane Fast Lane Live Discussion 2/22/15

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by TheTNHMaster, Feb 19, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Sunday Night, February 22nd, at 8/7c on the WWE Network/PPV
    United Kingdom: Monday Morning, February 23rd, at 1AM on the WWE Network/PPV

    Memphis, TN

    Match Card:
    Tag Team Championship:

    The Usos(c) vs. The Masters of the WWE Universe
    When the tag team gold has not been on the line, Cesaro & Tyson Kidd have — by hook or by crook — consistently bested WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy & Jey Uso. At WWE Fastlane, the tag division’s most dynamic new pairing will try to finally win the titles when they meet The Usos in championship competition.

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    In recent weeks, Cesaro has notched a win over Jimmy Uso and Kidd has beaten Jey Uso. On the Feb. 9 edition of Raw — less than a week after an awkward misunderstanding wrecked a double-date Natalya and Naomi planned for their husbands — The King of Swing and the fact-citing Kidd continued their move into contention when they won a non-title tag team match against the Usos brothers.

    The exciting series will reach its apex this Sunday at WWE Fastlane. Can Cesaro & Kidd, the self-proclaimed “Masters of the WWE Universe,” who seemingly devise new double-team maneuvers each outing, outdo the twin sons of Rikishi? Or will Jimmy & Jey Uso, who have emerged as one of the most dominant teams in WWE’s “Reality Era,” turn back the dangerous contenders?

    Diva's Championship:
    Nikki Bella(c) vs Paige
    Although Nikki Bella has ruled her division since becoming a two-time Divas Champion at Survivor Series, the “Fearless” Bella Twin might face her greatest challenge yet when she defends her title against Paige at WWE Fastlane, live on WWE Network.

    Since aligning herself with Bella Twin foe and “Total Divas” castmate Natalya earlier this year, Paige has been a thorn in both Nikki & Brie’s side. Although the sinister sisters were able to steal a victory against The Diva of Tomorrow and the Hart Dungeon graduate at Royal Rumble, The Diva of Tomorrow is as determined as ever to snatch the butterfly-emblazoned title from Nikki’s well-manicured clutches.

    With Brie by her side, Nikki is no doubt already plotting ways to humiliate the relative WWE newcomer in this anticipated clash, but the raven-haired challenger knows a few tricks of her own. Will we see Paige ensnare her third Divas Title, or will Nikki carry the illustrious championship all the way to WrestleMania?

    United States Championship:
    Rusev(c) vs. John Cena
    United States Champion Rusev has torn through every Superstar thrown his way, but at WWE Fastlane, the rookie monster will try the most decorated opponent imaginable: John Cena. The Authority announced the match on Twitter on Jan. 26.

    After finishing second in the Royal Rumble Match, eliminated by eventual Rumble winner Roman Reigns, an irate Rusev stormed the set of Royal Rumble Fallout and interrupted a backstage interviewwith the Cenation leader. Cena did not take kindly to the act, and within seconds the altercation erupted into a pull-apart brawl.

    Video: John Cena comes face-to-face with Rusev

    Now that the match is official, it will not be long before the WWE Universe finds out if even Cena is strong enough to stop the mighty Hero of the Russian Federation.

    Rusev has yet to be pinned or made to submit in the year since he debuted. Will the 15-time World Champion, undoubtedly looking to rebound from his loss in Royal Rumble’s instant-classic Triple Threat Match, stop the unapologetic Super Athlete in his tracks and win the U.S. Title in the process? Or will Rusev only further demonstrate his dominance, this time taking down the WWE Universe’s perennial favorite in the process?

    Intercontinental Championship:

    Bad News Barrett(c) vs. Dean Ambrose
    A bare-knuckled brawler, intent on defending a title that fate cruelly ripped out of his hands once before, will enter battle against an extreme madman when Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett and Dean Ambrose meet at WWE Fastlane.

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    The championship contest is a rematch of a non-title match won by The Lunatic Fringe on the Jan. 19 Raw. In that instance, Ambrose escaped Barrett’s dangerous Wasteland maneuver before connecting with Dirty Deeds to snare the pin. Eager to see his face on WWE World Headquarters’ wall of champions, Ambrose demanded a title opportunity. Though Barrett refused the deranged Superstar’s challenge, Ambrose would not be deterred, and on the Feb. 16 edition of Raw, The Lunatic Fringe resorted to extreme measures to get the champion's signature on a match contract. Ambrose zip-tied Barrett to the ring post and forced him to sign his name to a WWE Fastlane match contract.

    Can the unpredictable Ambrose, a former United States Champion who has reset his sights on championship competition, earn another victory against Barrett when the title is on the line this Sunday? Or will the possessor of the always-lethal Bad News Bull Hammer Elbow strike down another challenger and continue his remarkable fifth reign as Intercontinental Champion?

    Singles Match To Determine Who Faces Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania:
    Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

    Roman Reigns may have won the 2015 Royal Rumble Match, but Brock Lesnar’s opponent at WrestleMania won’t be known until Feb. 22, when Reigns and Daniel Bryan square off at WWE Fastlane for the right to challenge the beastly WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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    WWE Fastlane’s huge matchup was made on the Feb. 2 Raw after WWE COO Triple H — in an effort to address The Rock’s controversial involvement in Reigns’ Royal Rumble win “head-on” — proposed that Lesnar’s WrestleMania challenger be decided in a bout between Reigns and the winner of that night’s match between Bryan and Seth Rollins. The WWE Universe’s favorite “Yes!” Man went on to defeat Mr. Money at the Bank, thanks in part to The Big Dog Superman Punching Rollins. With that, two of WWE’s most popular Superstars will meet one-on-one at WWE Fastlane, with the coveted title opportunity up for grabs

    For Reigns, the 2014 Superstar of the Year, the bout marks perhaps the penultimate hurdle on his quest to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, an accomplishment that some suggest is almost a birthright. Born to the iconic Anoa’i family— a sports-entertainment dynasty that counts The Rock and WWE Hall of Famers Yokozuna and The Wild Samoans as members — the Superstar with the Superman Punch has been touted as a future main eventer since arriving in WWE as a member of The Shield in November 2012.

    Relive Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania 30 journey | Anoa'i family photo gallery

    Bryan, however, is every bit as hungry for a WWE World Heavyweight Title Match at WrestleMania, if not more so. The bearded warrior shocked the world when he captured the WWE World Heavyweight Title at last year’s WrestleMania, but a serious neck injury sidelined him just as his title reign was getting underway, prompting The Authority to strip him of the championship without being beaten. Now, Bryan hopes to bring the “Yes!” Movement to even greater heights by defeating Reigns en route to challenging The Beast Incarnate.

    Which WWE fan favorite will rise to the occasion in WWE Fastlane’s game-changing match? Will the juggernaut Reigns Spear his way past the absurdly skilled and double-tough underdog? Or can the fiery Bryan scratch and claw his way into the WrestleMania title match for a second year in a row?

    Find out when WWE Fastlane airs live Feb. 22 on WWE Network, which is FREE for February to new subscribers!​
  2. Sucky card. Tag team match and ME are the only ones that look good.
  3. I'm thrilled about this PPV. lol
    - The almighty Usos will overcome the odds again and retain their titles.
    - I'm really looking forward to Sting/HHH confrontation.
    - The divas are prolly gonna do something to set up Nikki/Brie feud to culminate at Mania. Don't care.
    - No idea what they're gonna do with Goldust vs Stardust match.
    - Rusev vs Cena ends in a DQ or a count-out or whatever. CENAWINSLOL will happen at WM 31, for sure.
    - BNB retains via some stupid shit.
    - Finally, something that I'm truly interested in. DB vs Reigns is gonna be great. There are really two options to go for this match. 1) Reigns winning; 2) The match ends in a DQ or a count-out or whatever to set up the triple-threat at Mania.
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  4. Looking like a 6 man tag will be announced on the preshow as well..

    Rollins, Show, and Kane w/ JandJ Security in their corner vs Ryback, Rowan, and Ziggler.

    Excited for the Reigns/Bryan match and the Goldust/Stardust match because I wanna see how they stretch the story all the way to WM.

    Should be an average PPV.
  5. I'm pretty pumped for this PPV actually, for me there's a lot of things to like especially if booked well.
  6. Not watching live, but I guess I'll catch it later.
  7. Yep
  8. lol whoops thought today was Saturday I guess you still have like a day to get it going.
  9. I'm not that thrilled, I want Ambrose to win the Intercontinentel Championship, Ruzev will retain somehow. Cesaro and Kidd winning the tag titles would be awesome, Kidd can use that push. As far as the Main Event goes, its gonna end in a draw or Daniel Bryan winning, if Reigns wins i'll be shocked, but i'm looking at that Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania this year with the ending i'm hoping for. Triple H and Sting confrontation will end in the way everyone predicts, just Sting pointing at the Wresltemania banner. Expect a 6/10 for this ppv because we do have some good matches but not much of a good fallout.
  10. Rusev/Cena, Ambrose/BnB, Gold/Stardust, hell even Paige/Nikki Bella, feel like feuds that haven't quite had their time. Looks like a night of warm-up blueballing messy finishes before 'Mania. Still, its all worth the high cost of FREE for Bryan/Reigns, I guess
  11. 18 hrs left until Fast Lane Pre-Show! Totally forgot to pick up food for it, going to have to go out and grab something from the grocery store earlier in the day.
  12. Reigns and Bryan should fight until there's a double knock out of some kind. Like the finish to Rock / Mankind last man standing
  13. Sure, that's one of the ways to go if they decide to roll with the triple-threat at WM... Can't say I'd hate it if it happened.
  14. Triple threat = more potential German suplexes.
  15. Yes. An avalanche of German Suplexes, my friend.
  16. So is there really any guaranteed "clean" winners to come out tonight? I mean a lot of it seems like it could go either way or will just end in a DQ but this could happen in different ways for multiple matches.
  17. The only clean winner(s) I see coming out tonight are The Usos.

    Everything else is going to have a crappy ending, I suppose.
    As far as Reigns/Bryan goes, they could let either Reigns or Bryan go over clean. But to me, that sounds just too good to be true.

    This #1 contender's match just screams 'LOL, let's have someone interfere/a double count-out ending!'. If there was some kind of stipulation where it'd be like 'whoever gets involved in Bryan/Reigns match gets fired', then I could see Reigns going over clean.
  18. I have the same opinion but I can see TK/Cesaro getting a clean one themselves as well as The Usos depending on who they have booked to win.
  19. The Usos losing? Come on, man. They'll overcome the odds and you know it.
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