Faster way to remove people from ignore list...

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by leojay, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. Maybe a remove all button? I've got like 50 on mine and it's a very slow process.
  2. Your fault for putting 50 on your ignore list lol. All you need to do is press the red button by their names?
  3. I can do this for you later today. Can probably add a remove all button too.
  4. I have to click the red button, wait for a window to pop up, press yes, wait for my australian internets to reload page, and repeat the process.

    I think there's more than 50 tbh. It's like an ongoing list.

    Note to self: Don't copy paste the who's online list onto your ignore list
  5. This right here confirms why Solidus is better than The Great White Crayola in every way possible. You're a gentleman and a scholar, sir.
  6. I tried this once on HF on 700+ people from Who's Online list. Thought it'd be fun but it wasn't. Had to remove them one by one...
  7. I did it on there too, still there to this day. The difference between here and there though is that most members on HF were idiots and deserved to be on my ignore list, and here I like all members except you hoss.

    I'm trying to remove them one-by-one, not going very well though :upset:
  8. I'm trying this right now. Here's what I got in the template,

    where * is all user id's, but * obviously won't work. I think a small php script is needed to select every user id in the database and apply it to an array. So it would become,

    where {$userids} is all existing id's.
    This certainly is optimal, anyone got any advice here? Seems this is too much work for such a minor "issue".
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  9. If it takes too much work don't bother mate, I'll slowly but surely remove them eventually. Probably after a year or two there will only be five or so members still left to delete. :dawg:
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