Fastest finishers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Quick finishers in WWE, we all know them.
    A quick move what can turn the whole match around.

    Sweet Chin Music
    Brogue kick

    Who can come up with others.

    Let me know! :emoji_wink:
  2. The stunner wasn't that quick imo, it took him a few seconds with the whole kick to the gut set up. The WMD should be on the list.
  3. True, forgot about that.
    Not a big fan of it but still a quick one.

    Lemme hear some more!
  4. Clothesline from hell also Edge's spear when he hit it on the rebound and Batista's variation.
  5. Definitively Sweet Chin Music. It can hit you out of absolutely NOWHERE.

    Must admit, RKO is quick too.

    Ofc, the Braden Walker epic finisher too. Good lord, how many people did he finish off with it or what? :cool:
  6. Spear or side slam?
  7. I was thinking about the his finisher No. 12. - the crossbody.

    The guy is such a tremendous wrestler. I bet :grin: is now feeling bad for Walker not being the 'E asset right now, huh?
  8. Don't know walker tbh.

    More fast finishers please!
  9. Sweet chin music.

  10. We need a Braden Walker appreciation thread.

    Also the Codebreaker is pretty quick. The diamond cutter also

  11. Props for codebreaker and finisher of the-one-whos-afraid-to-face-BigPoppa 's finisher.

    Braden Walker, JT. He gunna knock our brains out!

    Seabs, you made a good prop for me, I'll made the thread.:pity:
  12. This Walker guy.. mehh..

    Did not see any finishers in the vid..
    Waste of time tbh.
  13. I guess Punk's Mhuai Tai kick counts.
  14. My spear
    One of Zack Ryders moves, think it is called the rough ryder?

    Couldn't think of much. You guys named the ones I thought about.
  15. I half to said the stummer I gress?
  16. Attitude Adjustment when Cena isn't wasting time smiling at the crowd.

    Also Jericho's codebreaker. Love that move so much.
  17. Nobody has mentioned Trouble in Paradise, Great Khali's head chop (Khali makes it slow :emoji_grin:), and... I guess you could make an exception for Tito Santanas flying forearm.
  18. Yeah, but your spear takes time to prepair right?
    Kneeling in the corner and stuff..

    Stunner* is in the list.
  19. How about this one?

    Any excuse to post this video as it's full of win.
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  20. TIP is a good one..
    Khali's chop, well I agree with you.
    Santana's smash is a good one too, too bad it isn't much of a finisher these days.

    Indeed, #winning
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