Fast Lane Fastlane 2016 [Live Discussion]

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 17, 2016.

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    Date: February 21st, 2016
    Location: Quicken Loans Arena
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Time (Kickoff show): 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT
    Main show: 8 p.m ET/5 p.m PT

    Match card:

    Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar
    (Triple Threat Match for opportunity to face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H at WrestleMania)


    Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler
    (WWE Intercontinental Championship Match)


    Charlotte vs. Brie Bella
    (WWE Divas Championship Match)

    Ryback, Big Show & Kane vs. The Wyatt Family

    Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Naomi & Tamina


    The New Day to appear on 'The Cutting Edge Peep Show'

    AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

    Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio
    (WWE United States Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Kickoff Match)

  2. Things I'm looking forward to the most: The ME and Styles vs Y2J. Those two matches shall be great!

    The rest shall be decent to good, I guess.

    And, am I the only who's feeling slightly annoyed that Kalisto vs ADR is on the pre-show? Okay, I know we've seen it a bunch of times already, but can't they, like, put The Cutting Edge Peep Show on the pre-show, so that the main show doesn't feel like RAW by having a segment like this on it?

    I'm positive the segment will be entertaining, since, ya know, it's The New Day and E&C, but still...

    Or, I don't know, maybe I'm just nitpicking.
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  3. Feel like the E&C segment is going to be where they introduce the next E&C(Enzo and Cass, Carmella too), so it makes sense to be on the main card. Yeah though, a 2-3 falls match for a title shouldn't be on a kick off. The six man could easily be the kick off match, and should be.
  4. Hmmm... What a strange card...

    Call me a WWE Mark all you want, but when I hear about how it's okay to have "lesser quality PPV's" when they're only 9.99 a month (totally not true, do you remember some of those old PPV's???) this is what we mean. Nothing really exciting or groundbreaking here but it's an interesting and surprisingly unpredictable show with a good card. Not bad for the Wrestlemania pre-preshow?

    The main event can go almost any way, it's weird to hear zero people talk about BROCK FUCKING LESNAR walking out #1 contender lol. But either way, we're totally emotionally invested to the point where posting after this show could be a 9/10 or a 3/10 for that finish alone.

    Owens vs Ziggler is just there as the opener. We'll probably look back and say how good it was in the end despite no interest going in. Lolmidcardbelts

    Is it strange to say Charlotte vs Brie is the poor woman's version of Charlotte vs Bayley? That's really the only time Charlotte made any emotional connection IMO, so it's the perfect match to have right now. Brie can fight and never say die and fight Nikki whos's hurting and Bryan who's retired and... just isn't good enough to beat the naturally superior performer because fuck your hopes and dreams that's why.

    Since it's time to take women's wrestling seriously, we need a new pissbreak. Ryback to the rescue!

    Thing is if they're building up to Wrestlemania, what's wrong with giving Sasha, Becky, and the Wyatts some big wins along the way? If it's filler, it may as well be effective.

    Man I get the feeling that that talking segment could suck copious amounts of ass. Man I hope not.

    Jericho vs Styles again should feel like a much bigger deal, don't know why it doesn't, but... still, LETS GO!!

    Kalisto vs ADR in a 2/3 falls match should be fun, too.
  5. You know what, I haven't even thought of that. That's a good idea, having Enzo & Cass introduced by E&C.

    If Enzo & Cass are introduced to the main roster at Fastlane or the night after, then I could definitely see 'em become the new tag champs at Mania.

    Yeah, the 6-man tag should be the kick-off match. I also wouldn't have anything against both divas matches being on the pre-show, but oh well. :quimby:

    Anyways... Do you reckon ADR wins this time? They've been playing hot potatoes with the US title, so they might as well have ADR regain.
  6. I... Guess the thought process is that the US title match has little to do with Wrestlemania. Almost expect both guys to be in the jobber battle royal at this point
  7. I'll LOL if ADR regains the title.

    I'm actually expecting both guys to be in the ladder match for the US title, regardless of the outcome at Fastlane.
  8. I'd say Kalisto wins with a roll up if he were to go over, it won't be too clear so it can carry over until WM. ADR or Cara would win at WM if there's a ladder match. If ADR wins at FL he'll more than likely retain it at Mania, but I think they should give someone a WM moment. Only reason I'm going with Kalisto.
  9. It's funny how the pre-show match and the ME are really the only two matches with an unpredictable outcome.

    I think I'm goin' with Kalisto, too, but I'll LOL if ADR regains the title. Come on, someone has to be watching NJPW's Jr. division!

    And regardless of the outcome, I hope they give someone a WM moment. This guy: :zayn: Unless he's booked to be in the "Sorry, we have nothing for you" Memorial Battle Royal.
  10. I have a feeling this PPV is going to be mehh but I may watch anyways.
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  11. We always do. :bischoff:
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  12. Vince is gonna make Enzo and Cass become a couple classic jobbers. Just like Breeze.
  13. Nah, they're going to be the only face team not named The Usos. Should be easy to stay relevant.
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  14. "New Age Outlaws 2.0" probably appeals to Vince much more than "Rick Martell 2.0". Or even "Dolph Ziggler 2.0" however they look at T-Breezy
  15. U would think Legion of Doom 2.0 looked appealing to Vince but look where that landed The Acension...
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  16. He'd better not! Or me and my friend Mark are gonna stop watching!
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  17. /quit
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  18. Enjoy the LD and the show tonight, ladies and gents. I probably won't be here.
  19. That's it, i'm doing it, ALL IN AMBROSE FOR THE FUCKIN WIN AMBROSE ASYLUM TAKIN OVAAAA, oh but i won't be here to see it, partying tonight
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