Fastlane Advertisement spoilers?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Reigns retained the title at the Royal Rumble. I just hope there is no backlash this year. lol
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  2. They COULD go many different ways about this, but it's very likely they won't. Vince is hellbent on: "He's gonna win the Rumble and get cheered for it, dammit!"

    If Reigns retains, he probably shouldn't get booed out of the building like last year, since the event's being held in his homestate of Florida, so I don't know... The WWE Universe loves changing their minds during WM season.
  3. I wish the Rumble was in a place like Chicago, because I kind of want to Roman get booed lol.

    The only factor that there is for everyone to turn on Roman and boo him is Brock Lesnar. People are gonna be high on Lesnar winning if he's in it. They'll probably have Lesnar get eliminated early though by The Wyatts or maybe Kevin Owens. It'll probably come down to Cena and Reigns in the final.
  4. Jericho on tv for the next 5-6+ weeks makes me so juiced. I'll see you all in the LD next week for sure.
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  5. This. I usually hate old stars coming back but Y2J is always entertaining, unlike 99% of the roster.
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  6. I don't want him to get booed. But if he did get booed this year, then I guess it would be courtesy of Vince's buffoonery.

    Now, WWE seems to have learned from their past mistakes by not booking this year's Rumble in front of a super smarky crowd.
    Reigns should be fine in Orlando, I guess. If he went toe-to-toe with Cena and then eliminated him, then I guess the reaction would be positive. But, if Reigns and Lesnar ended up being the last two men, and Lesnar got eliminated, then I'm not so sure about the reaction Reigns could receive.

    If they're gonna have Lesnar in the Rumble and not have him win, then I guess KO would prolly be the best choice to eliminate him.
    The reaction towards Reigns eliminating Lesnar could very well turn into rioting, just like last year when DB got eliminated and Vince sure as hell doesn't want that to happen.
  7. I dare someone to find me someone with more Charisma than Jericho currently on the main roster.
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  8. Kevin Owens

    Jericho had more charisma I'm his prime.
  9. No way in hell is KO more charismatic than Y2j lolwut. I like KO in the ring and when he's killing people, but he's not even close to being at Jericho's level when it comes to the mic/charisma. He's actually kinda dull.
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  10. What a blanket statement, of course he did. He is still oozing charisma and cuts coherent, consistently solid promo's. Owens stumbles on his words consistently every promo, cuts for breath in the wrong places, and all around isn't even close.

    I'd give you Xavier Woods as close tbh atm but Jericho is >>>> Owens when it comes to Charisma.
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  11. Y2J's promo felt epic and it was directed at tag team scrubs.
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  12. Y2J's promo was not very good. It was just him squeezing in every catch phrase that he's ever done. Y2J in his prime was gold, but now he's very lukewarm. Just like The Rock.

    Meanwhile Kevin Owens...
  13. New Day
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  14. The Miz has a lot of Charisma. People hate on The Miz, but I'm entertained to the gils everytime he's on the mic. :really:
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  15. I said woods is close. The rest isn't comparable to Raw is Jericho.
  16. They do this all the time. They promote people as what they currently are. No need to get excited.

    If I remember correctly, there was an ad that ran here after Survivor Series. For a show after TLC, promoting Reigns vs Sheamus in a street fight, and it said Sheamus was WWE Champion.
  17. I find it most interesting that Lesnar is on the bill, especially since everyone considers Fastlane a throw away PPV.
  18. Probably just to get people interested.

    Always watch out for the small "All superstars subject to change".
  19. I disagree with that. He isn't dull at all. He isn't the high energy type on the mic but I always want to hear what he says whenever he's on the mic.
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