fatal four way..

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by TheBestCup, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Just saw the fatal four way match on smackdown pretty good not the best but you know...
  2. Definitely wasn't the best, but it was pretty good, you know?
  3. I thought it was pretty solid, Jack Swagger fucked Henry's day up when he caught him about to jump out of the ring. Kofi & Rey's mini face off was decent too. I'm glad out of the 4 that Swagger won if I have to be honest, Mark Henry would've been my next choice.
  4. I thought Mark too .
  5. Swagger had to win, what else was he gonna do while Cesaro is in the chamber match.
  6. When the match started, I thought it was gonna be Henry, but as the match kept going, my pick was Swagger.. As some one already stated,
  7. I hope we don't get Swagger (C) v Cesaro at WrestleMania. Cesaro is above that shit.
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  8. He's above the IC but not above appearing on NXT shows still? Makes no sense to me.
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  9. IC title is no longer just a belt, with world titles merging its starting to get its prestige back.
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  10. And I think what will put it over even further after the world titles unifying is if someone like Cesaro was representing it..
    Same goes for the US belt I have nothing against Dean but I think if they had Reigns holding it, it may be a little bit more respected during present time imo.
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  11. Uh, how exactly? Big E doesn't do shit with it. Same as before.
  12. Yea ur right, Big E if he starts defending it has the second most important title now tho and they should start booking that way.
  13. Cesaro made the US title actually fun to watch, so I'd like to see him do the same with the IC Title, especially getting a clean win over Orton, that'll do wonders for him!
  14. If he got a clean win over Orton in the EC, wowzers that would be bonkers! could you imagine Cesaro vs Batista main eventing WM.
    Would definitely put him over a tremendous amount.
  15. Working a storyline putting the IC Title on Cesaro (particularly after a feud with Swagger) would definitely make the IC Title look like a sought-after achievement, not just a prop.

    So, in short, I'm all for this.

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