Fav 5 Indy/Puro Wrestlers?

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    Not sure if this thread has been made before so why not give it a try. I'll start off:

    1. Johnny Gargano
    2. Tommaso Ciampa
    3. Karl Anderson
    4. Prince Devitt
    5. Silas Young

    As for tag teams, Young Bucks and Forever Hooligans are my fav.

    Who are your favorite indy rasslers?
  2. In no particular order:

    Johnny Gargano - Great overall talent. Raw untapped talent ala ROH Punk.
    Bobby Fish - So much charisma and swagger in one man.
    Kazuchika Okada - Okada is da bomb plain and simple.
    Akira Tozawa - So damn cool. I haven't seen a Tozawa match since his US tour that I haven't enjoyed.
    Matt Taven - for pure entertainment value. He has grown as a character so much this year. Plus a solid wrestler in ring.
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  3. Big fan of Okada too.
  4. 1. Davey Richards
    2. Colt Cabana
    3. Freight Train (don't ask)
    4. Kyle O'Riley
    5. Just gonna count the Youngbucks as one as my #5.
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  5. Here comes the Freight Train!
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  6. No particular order
    Hero (Now that is back)
  7. In no order:

    - Prince Devitt
    - Young Bucks
    - Kevin Steen
    - Yoshihiro Takayama

    Honorable mentions to Joey Ryan, Adam Cole, Adam Pearce, Willie Mack and Kid Kash.
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  8. Also forgot to mention I'm a big fan of Toru Yano, Minoru Suzuki and Nakamura too, smh.
  9. Can't name just five but in no order will name some

    Prince Devitt, Kevin Steen, Young Bucks, Brian Cage, Michael Elgin, American Wolves, Joey Ryan, Willie Mack, Peter Avalon, Johnny Gargano, Chris Hero, Bobby Fish and Candice Le Rae. Kinda hard to narrow down.

    Edit: ACH too
  10. Gotta add Silas Young to my list. He's the last real man in wrestling :tough:
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    • Adam Cole
    • Kevin Steen
    • Prince Devitt
    • Young Bucks
    • Johnny Gargano
    • Okada
    • Chris Hero
    • Silas Young
    • Chuck Taylor
    • Hiroshi Tanahashi
    • Tim Donst
  12. How the hell did I put Elgin before Silas? Editing that!
  13. Another thing, How the hell did I put two posts?
  14. Fixed for you
  15. You probably pressed it twice.
  16. A couple more for my list: Andrew Everett, Caleb Konley, Josh Alexander, Ethan Page
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    No certain order:
    - Johnny Gargano
    - Alex Shelley
    - Chuck Taylor
    - Ricochet
    - Chris Hero
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  18. At the moment:

    Biff Busick, Drew Gulak, Big Van Walter, Tim Donst, Zack Sabre Jr.

    Tanahashi, Takayama, Ibushi, Sekimoto, Kasai.
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  19. Busick and Gulak are the bomb.

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