Fav. Banned Move?

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  1. I miss the pile driver. [​IMG]
  2. Curb Stomp.
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  3. Piledriver is a great, old-school move.
  4. Gotta agree with Big Solid, I miss the curb stomp
  5. Curb Stomp. It was such a perfect finisher and could've been done on anybody. Rollins doesn't have the look to make it believable he could Pedigree someone like Big Show.
  6. Curb Stomp.

    Just bring it back and rename it "Blackout", FFS.
  7. That's not the problem. The problem is the WWE wants to portray an image that they're trying to minimize concussions, and a move that involves jumping on the back of a person's head and driving it face-first into the mat kind of makes that difficult.
  8. SPOILER/BREAKING KAYFABE: Rollins doesn't actually drive his opponents' head into the mat forcefully. :pity2:

    Also, marks should know better than not to try doing moves at home, school or anywhere else.

    EDIT: When Rollins finally turns face, he'll probably stop using Pedigree as his finisher, so hopefully he starts using that Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo. Rad stuff.
  10. Huge mark for the piledriver. You drop a guy on his head, if anything says finishing move it's a piledriver.
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  11. Aye. I wish Owens would pull out a Package Piledriver on special occasions, but that's sadly never going to happen.
  12. Gotta go with the curb stomp. I get the logic of banning it due to the name, but it is a sweet move. I have always thought the key to the best finishers is being able to do it to anyone. That's why sweet chin music and Bryan's running knee worked for them. Even a small guy can kick a giant in the face, while Taker couldn't tombstone everyone on the roster. I like the idea proposed of renaming it.
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  13. Definitely curb stomp. Fucking love that move. Looks seriously devestating.
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  14. A good ol' fashioned chair shot to the head.
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  15. I miss the piledriver, but I understand them not allowing most wrestlers to do it. As a worked move, it's unnecessarily dangerous. However, rather than an outright ban on using it, I wish they would go with a "case by case" basis (they somewhat already do as both Undertaker and Kane can continue to do the move, but I think it should be widened: if a wrestler can execute a piledriver-like move safely and consistently, then let them; if not, then don't). I also, however, realize that even the safest, most consistent wrestlers can botch a move like the piledriver easily (Owen Hart).

    As for the moves that look devastating, but don't require the physical power or expertise to execute safely, I'm with those that bring up the Curb Stomp. I don't care what you call it, but it's a very cool-looking impact move.

  16. wwe seems to be a bit less strict about it now but i love me some nice bridging suplexes
  17. Curb stomp is banned yet Balor is allowed to double stomp people to the back of the head for days. Yeah, he's not actually hitting the head but still. Try that at home.

    Is the Tiger Bomb banned? Why does no one use it?
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    CM Punk:
  19. And I'm sure that somewhere out there is a video of Undertaker taking an unprotected chair shot to the head from HHH in their third (?) Mania match, after unprotected chair shots to the head were banned. The fact that Punk and Cena got away with this and Taker and HHH got away with that has to do with their position in the company. Punk and Cena were the two top guys arguably in the promotion at the time. Having said that, Taker and HHH were fined for blatantly violating the rule and I would suppose that Punk and Cena likewise faced some sort of fine or other punishment for Punk executing a piledriver.

  20. A proper, well done brainbuster

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