Fav Candy or Candy bars

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Jul 31, 2017.

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  1. What Candy or Candy bars did u guys have while growing up? Favorite?
  2. I don't remember all of them. I always liked Snickers though.

    As of now my favorite candy bars are the regular chocolate and white chocolate Kinder Bueno Bars.
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  3. Kinder Bueno Bars.... Never heard of that. Hmmm....
  4. They don't have them in the US. I only had them cause Solidus brought them from the UK. They are reeeeeaaaalllly good.
  5. THOSE LOOK REALLY GOOD!! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. snickers_hazelnut_1.76oz_candy_bar.png Anyone try the Hazelnut Snicker's Bar? Really good with the Hazlenut... In my opinion.
  7. I had no idea these existed...
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  8. Limited time, I think. I tried one and Bout died and went to heaven and back. Lol. I LOVE Hazlenut flavors.
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  9. I never knew I did until I had a Bueno bar. lol
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