Fav & least Gimmick PPV?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. For me its definitely TLC, always amazes me with ts amazing matches.

    The least favorite will have to be Hell In A Cell, always awful...ALWAYS.

    They ruined the entire history of HIAC matches with this PPV :SAD:
  2. The best gimmick pay-per-view is undoubtedly Money in the Bank. Which other pay-per-view offers fans two Money in the Bank ladder matches (which usually offer some nice spots and anywhere from four to 10 competitors fight for a shot at either the World Heavyweight Championship or WWE title)?Besides the two Money in the Bank ladder matches, fans also get a WWE Championship match and a World Heavyweight Championship match. All together, this means fans get four high-profile matches. No other pay-per-view does this.

    I don't really have a least favorite but i'd go with Extreme rules as mine.
  3. EXtreme Rules >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hell In A Cell imo
  4. To each their own :smug:
  5. Sure :obama:
  6. RR Is my favourite with HIAC has ruined the gimmick so I hate that one
  7. Either the Rumble, Elimination Chamber or MITB are my favs, all three can make new main eventers fairly well.

    Least fav is Hell in a Cell. Even No Way out is better than HIAC.
  8. Rumble > MITB > TLC
  9. The Rumble is my favorite. All the others I could care less about. I prefer these types of hardcore or gimmick matches to not be made into an annual thing because it ruins using the matches elsewhere in the year. And too much of a good thing is never a good thing, or whatever. The exception is Money In The Bank, but even it I would prefer to be at WM. Just one match, no more than six guys, and the winner can challenge for either the WWE Title or WHC.
  10. RR definitely #1, have loved it since Ric Flair won in '92 :woo1:

    Least fav is EC, was cool the first time, having the guys locked up has lost its luster IMO.
  11. The Rumble (original gimmick match/PPV) >>>> MITB (great matches, great way to build new stars) >>>> Elimination Chamber (Unique match) > TLC >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>> >>> ER > HIAC

    I probably forgot one since 99% of PPVs these days are gimmick PPVs
  12. Favorite Rumble and less favorite HIAC as well. I like EC and MITB, not a big fan of having all the special matches at TLC which sort of devalues them in the rest of the year as KL stated but since the show is normally good I'm OK with it.
  13. TLC was awesome in the last 3 years, I don't get why you don't like it that much guys! :upset:
  14. It's what I said. The concept is not the best because of what it does to the gimmick matches, however, since the show has been good for the last few years there's no real reason to complain about it that much.
  15. RR is my favourite as it works well.
    HIAC is awful as people say it ruined what HIAC was about it just doesnt work in the PG era.
  16. Re: RE: Fav & least Gimmick PPV?

    HBK and Taker managed it easily enough, it's nothing to do with being PG its having a proper build so there is a meaning to the cell match, you don't need anything which breaks the PG banner to tell a good story. What would you say is required as a none pg moment to make a great cell match actually?
  17. The problem with the HIAC PPV is not PG, the problem is the fact that the first matches of a feud end up being HIAC. It's like "well, it's that time of the year again, here we go with the most vicious match ever for you guys who have been feuding for a month" instead of "ok, you've tried to kill each other for months now, here's a cell, have fun!" the way it should be. Henry/Orton? Orton/Sheamus? Punk/Ryback? Were any of those feuds worthy of such a high-profile gimmick match? No, but it still happened. That's what's wrong.
  18. Re: RE: Fav & least Gimmick PPV?

    I'd kind of say the dynamic for Punk Ryback worked, you have a champion who complains about a lack of respect from the company who is then forced to face a dominant monster with no chance of escape. I'm reading too much into the psychological build though, especially Punks selling of his fear.
  19. True, I'll give you that that one in particular made sense, but the main point is that it's not the fact that a rivalry has reached its boiling point after months of brutality which causes a HIAC match to happen, but now it's just the fact that it's time for the PPV, and many times it's not even the blow off match for the feud.
  20. Re: RE: Fav & least Gimmick PPV?

    I completely agree with this though, when was the last one where it was actually used when needed? Edge vs Taker at SS 08 springs to mind.
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