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  1. Hello,

    I don't know whether there has already been a suggestion or if there is a way of doing this but you should make it so you can list all the users who have you on their favorite members list. I want to know how unpopular I am!

  2. I dont want to know how unpopular i am :O
  3. This.

  4. Seems kind of pointless.
  5. good point
  6. Not our plugin, would require me to pay the developer again to add this. I need to find a better use for that plugin, or more so a better place to put it, maybe then we can begin to pimp it up.
  7. Apparently the plugin only saves your username and doesn't use IDs, so if they add your current username to the list and you change it, the results would be unreliable.

    I could probably tweak it to verify the username and make sure it's connected to an ID, but that would require everyone to re-submit their favourites list.
  8. http://wweforums.net/fav_users.php couldn't you use this then just count for the time being? Btw apparently Anon has a small penis and Luxure is back if anyone hasn't noticed.

    It's not fixed yet.
  10. Edit my post noob tube.
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