Fav. Smackdown Wrestler

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Victoria Justice, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Mine is Randy Ortin

  2. Superstar Billy Graham
  3. Rhrarretyan.

    Barrett, Rhodes and Bryan merged together.
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  5. Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes.
  6. Kaitlyn & Rosa.
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  7. Currently Barrett! Cant do no wrong for me rite now. Hate him but love to hate him such a heel. Plus reps the UK usually Preston sometimes elsewhere.
  8. Undertaker he still on SmackDown!
  9. Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton are four fave of mines
  10. Santino...
  11. Randy Orton (of course), Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan are my favorites right now. Notable mention: Cody Rhodes.
  12. Those who are fans of Sheamus & Orton, do they not bore you at teh moment?
  13. Undertaker still on the SmackDown Roster!
  14. But he never appears and won't appear on SmackDown again, and definitely won't wrestle a match. So he doesn't count.
  15. Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes are my two favorite heels on the show. Sadly there aren't that many interesting faces to cheer for. (B)orton and Sheamus are just too bland.
  16. Most faces seem bland to be honest, they need a new character, instead of "let's smile all the time and bury wrestlers".

    Want a badass anti-hero like Punk WAS.
  17. Or faces with more character then just smiles. When Edge was a face he was entertaining to watch. Not like Cena who puts me to sleep.
  18. Agreed, if you give them an actual gimmick it works. I just don't get the logic in turning them into smile-bores. Sheamus got over because he was a tough ass Irishmen who didn't give a crap. Orton got over because he was a psychotic monster who was a badass. So let's turn them both into smileys.
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