Fave film series or trilogy?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Only one winner for me the Back to the Future trilogy! :wohow:

    However for catchphrases and mindless fun i do also like the Die Hard series!

  2. I'm going to have to go with Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings :emoji_grin:
  3. @[RKO] tbh prefer the books of both of them to the films!

    the films disappointed me so much especially harry potter and its lack of quidditch world cup in the film.
  4. "Fave film series or trilogy"

    This would fall under trilogy I think :emoji_grin:
    Also, Lord of The Rings, I prefer the movie.
  5. 1. Lord of The Rings.
    2. Star Wars.
    3. Harry Potter.
  6. I was going to say Star Wars, but I figured Lord of The Rings was the better series.
  7. That's why it's #1 on my list.
  8. Touche lol. I'm glad you didn't say Twilight Xanth.
  9. @[RKO] dont get me wrong i enjoy the films jus wit things not bein quite how i imagined when readin the books wasn't quite the same for me!
  10. Yeah, it usually isn't the same with movies and books
  11. 4. Twilight.
  12. @[Xanth] hope original trilogy over new in star wars?
  13. Original of course @[Cloud].
  14. :thumbup:
  15. This, but I'm putting Potter at the front. They don't call me Crayo "Dumblepotter" Chairmen for nothing.

    You're not actually joking which makes me sick.

  16. I like a wide variety of films baby.
  17. im wit @[Crayo] twilight is garbage

    for a vampire trilogy its Blade!
  18. I actually love you @[Cloud]. :loved:
  19. why thank you :loved:
  20. Blade is beast.

    The Bourne Trilogy is pretty good.

    Anyone said Matrix yet?